This Week in West Virginia History: November 17-23

CHARLESTON—The following events happened on these dates in West Virginia history. To read more, go to e-WV: The West Virginia Encyclopedia at

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The History of Taylor County Chapter Two Hundred-Twenty-Five

At President McKinley’s declaration of war against Spain untold numbers of the flower of American young manhood without waiting for the call to arms came forward voluntarily to enlist in the cause of freedom for an oppressed and long ill treated people, the dependents of the arrogant Spanish nation, whose dastardly act in destroying the Battleship Maine aroused the wave of patriotism in all parts of the nation that recalled the same spirit of the Colonists in the Revolution in the struggle for liberty.

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The History of Taylor County Chapter Two Hundred-Twenty-Four

Scenes like those enacted during the Civil war when hundreds of horses and mules were brought by agents of the government for use of the army in the Spanish – American war and were examined for defects by skilled veterinarians, nut unlike the practice of 37 years before of selling the same animals to the government two and possibly three times by grafting agents, the government in this war received all animals their agents accepted.

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The History of Taylor County Chapter Two Hundred Sixteen

Those two famous comedians, Charles Rice Charles Barton, played a return engagement in the Opera House March 16, 1897, presenting their laughing comedy McDoodle and Poodle. The two stars surrounded by a most capable company drew an audience that amply repaid them on thier second visit to Grafton. Word was received in Grafton of the death of Matthew Luzadder who passed away at his home in Greenwood Township, Illinois in March, 1897. He was a descendant of Aaron Luzzadder, who settled in what is now Taylor County some time after the Revolutionary war. A resident of Grafton at its beginning, he conducted a hotel on the site now covered

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