The History of Taylor County Chapter One Hundred-Ninety-Ninety

Reverend John F. Cowan came to Grafton in 1878 after Grafton was made a mission station by the by the Methodist Protestant church to assume the duties as pastor of the new station. Ambitious, a fine theologian and author, he mae an impression on his congregation that drew many within the walls of the little temple of worship on Washington street and during his pastorate in Grafton was liked and esteemed by the people of all denominations. He married Miss Rebecca McClaskey, an instructress of music in Grafton and also organist to the Methodist Protestant congregation. He probably began the movement for the erection of a new and larger house of worship while occupying the pulpit in the Washington street church that resulted in the construction of the present church at the corner of Boyd and St. John street.

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West Virginia Dirt Trackin’

Well fellow dirt eaters Ma Nature was not kind to us Friday. Too much liquid sunshine fell Thursday night and Friday morning forcing Elkins to cancel racing for the second time this year. Although according to Meatloaf; ‘Two out of three ain’t bad’, it doesn’t fare as well in racing. BUT she was in good mood for the rest of the weekend as Tyler County held it’s 6th annual ’Pack the Track’ with autograph and picture night. With the added bonus of the 13th annual “Tammy Clegg Tribute” for Hot Mods. After Steven Dotson set fast time of the 25 EDGE Hot Mods signed in. George Saffer, Travis Thomas and Tom Sigler snared heat wins while Booger Garnes took the consey. Shaffer grabbed the point at the outset, but Danny Thomas was hot on his tail. On the restart of lap eight, Thomas made his move and took over the spot, and would drive onto claim the victory, Steven Dotson, Tom Sigler, Mick Baker and Roland Bell were second through fifth. It was also a qualifier for the “Workin’ Man’s World Championship”

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The History of Taylor County Chapter One Hundred-Ninety-Eight

The town council appointed Sam R. Jenkins, a local boy and expert engineer, to map out the water sanitary sewer lines for the new water system and so well was this engineering feat done the lines of both water mains and sewer line laid some 45 years ago have never been changed an operate as efficiently today as when first laid. The contract for the sanitary sewage system was awarded to Thomas and J.E. Molaney of Belpre, Ohio, the lowest bidders on this contract, and who furnished a bod in the sum of $500.00 for the faithful performance of their contract. The members of Grafton Lodge No.1, independent Order of Odd Fellows, gathered on the lot on West Main street Wednesday August 1, 1894, to witness the ceremony of breaking the ground for their new temple about to be constructed on this site from plans prepared by architect M.F. Geisey of Wheeling.

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The History of Taylor County Chapter One Hundred-Ninety-Seven

John Haslup, one of the most prominent men of Grafton who came to town in 1857 to replace Edward Osborne as master founder for the Baltimore and Ohio when the North West Virginia railroad was absorbed by the latter railroad in the above years died. Whether he ever read those trite maxinme of Nicholas Longworth : I have always had these two things before me “Do what you undertake thoroughly. Be faithful in all accepted trusts,” is not known. Perhaps he never read them and perchance never heard of them, but he truly lived them all his life.

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    Psalm 68: 11-12: The Lord gives the command, the women who proclaim the good tidings are a great army. Kings of armies flee, they flee, and she who remains at home will divide the spoil. NASB Memorial Day is fast approaching. It’s a wonderful time for us because we get to be with most if not all our kids and grandkids. We have a fun time enjoying one another and the festivities offered by our Patriotic town of Grafton.