The History of Taylor County Chapter One Hundred-Eight

Adam Grow, prominent plastering contractor and one of the earliest settlers of Grafton who served as first choir master to the congregation of the first Methodist Episcopal church on Washington street and acted in that capacity until 1875 when he was succeeded by Samuel P. McCormick, died.

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Women of a New Season She

Proverbs 31: 30: Charm is deceitful and beauty is passing, but a woman who fears the Lord, SHE shall be praised. While in the grocery store today, I overheard a young woman on her cell phone. She was talking loud enough that people couldn’t help but hear. During her conversation she dropped the “F” bomb several times. While driving home I was thinking how different the world is today from the one I grew up in. Men didn’t cuss in front of ladies back then. And ladies who may have cursed at home held it back in public

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The History of Taylor County Chapter Two Hundred-Seven

Michael Donahue, one of the pioneers settlers of Fetterman and one of the oldest residents who came at the same time the Baltimore and Ohio established their terminal in the village, died October 25, 1895. His was a wonderful experience in seeing the little village of Valley Bridge that contained possible a score of souls filled with people who sought employment on the railroad, the little shops and house erected to house the influx of people; the little house of worship built in which they might come to offer up their devotions; and the school in which his and other children might come for the rudiments of their education.

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