WVUhoops social media accounts make the Power Dozen

MORGANTOWN—According to Skull Sparks, an NCAA sports digital and design firm based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, West

Virginia men’s basketball’s social media accounts are now considered among the NCAA’s “Power Dozen.”

Mountaineer basketball’s respected social media account, “WVUhoops,” which can be found on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, recently eclipsed a combined 534,000 followers, placing it 11th among the NCAA’s men’s basketball programs.

The top 10 this week includes Duke (4.35 million), Kentucky (1.78 million), North Carolina (1.63 million), Indiana (1.55 million), Kansas (1.51 million), Michigan (942,000), Oklahoma (727,000), Wisconsin (716,000), Michigan State (708,000) and Notre Dame (625,000).

In addition, Mountaineer football has also displayed a very strong social media presence lately. WVU ranks 18th nationally this week in combined Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter followers with just more than 708,000. That ranks West Virginia third in the Big 12 Conference behind Oklahoma (1.6 million) and Texas (1.2 million). 

The West Virginia University digital media team members are Grant Dovey, Nathaniel Zinn, Bryan Messerly, Mike Montoro, Kristin Coldsnow, Tyler Schiefelbein, Austin Gaines, Caleb Saunders, Tyler Cheng, Austin Michaels, Chris Ostien, Sean Merinar, and Sarah Ramundt.



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