WVSSAC releases new cheer, volleyball, and cross country guidelines

TAYLOR COUNTY—The West Virginia Secondary School Activities Commission (WVSSAC) has released its modifications for cheer, volleyball, and cross country for the upcoming season. Here are the modifications:


NO stunting for entire season, including all competitions, games, etc.

Cheerleaders are to be appropriately spaced on the court, field, or sideline to ensure social distancing.

Open portion of regional and state competitions will be reduced to a maximum of 2:00. Technical cheer remains the same.

Changes in score sheet: addition of five points for jumps, increase dance from eight to ten, increase tumbling from seven to ten, eliminate ten points for partner stunts/pyramids.


Regular season tournaments are limited to three teams if there’s one court and four teams if there are two courts. This includes all regular-season tournaments (both in and out of state).

No switching benches between games.

Pre-match conference: R1 and R2 and head coach from each team will meet at center court. Rosters are to be submitted to the officials’ table.

Suspend the coin toss: Visiting team coach will have option to serve or receive in set 1, and then alternate for remaining non-deciding sets. For deciding set, home team coach will decide to serve/receive.

Limit personnel at officials’ table: Two scorekeepers and one timer only. Libero trackers can be at the end of the bench, behind officials’ table, etc.

Avoid handshakes, hand/back slaps, huddles, etc. No unnecessary contact between players/coaches.

Electronic whistles permitted.

Reduce the number of people traveling when possible.

Do not supply water bottles/cups for shared use. Each athlete is responsible for bringing her own water. No shared water stations, coolers, etc.

Teams may only have on scrimmage against one other team; no previews allowed.

Face coverings are required if social distancing is not possible as per Governor’s order.

Cross Country

Maximum of 35 at starting line (equivalent to five full teams).

More than 35 participants would require a staggered start with five minutes between starts.

No awards ceremonies (individuals/teams need to leave when the race is finished).

No water coolers – individual water bottle/drinks only.

No handshakes, hand/back slaps, etc.

No group/team huddles prior to meet without using social distance.

Prior and post meet require a face covering if unable to socially distance.



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