WVSSAC releases grade requirements for winter sports

GRAFTON—The WVSSAC and the Board of Education want to remind parents and students about eligibility requirements for middle school and high school athletes.

As we are in the middle of a new and strange way of educating our kids we must continue to be mindful of their grades.

With two weeks remaining in this semester, we are reminded that each student athlete must maintain a 2.0 or greater grade point average to be eligible to play winter sports.

 This semester will determine eligibility for the winter sports program scheduled to resume in March.

Grades are down all-across the state with lots of parents and students trying to find their way in an ever-changing atmosphere of blended education. We must now be more diligent than ever if we are to play sports at the highest level come spring.

Please call the Board of Education directly or speak with your child’s teacher for a through review of their grades and for any remediation that needs to take place prior to the end of the semester.

There are lots of programs in place to help any struggling student as most educators are well-aware of the challenges taking place. With in-person studies ready to resume at the end of January, a light at the end of the tunnel is approaching, as we slowly return to normal.

So, let’s make one final push to ensure that all our kids can play sports this spring and hopefully put 2020 solidly in the rearview.



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