WVSSAC recommendations for the high school golf seasons

The West Virginia Secondary Schools Commission (WVSSAC) just released its recommendations for the upcoming golf season.

1. Social distancing should be maintained at all times. Stay six feet apart from others. Wear facial covering when social distance cannot be maintained.

2. Do not shake hands with other golfers. We recommend a tip of the cap for greeting and congratulations.

3. Do not share equipment at any time, including tees, ball markers, golf balls, etc. and refrain from the courtesy of picking up someone else’s equipment.

4. Flagstick: We strongly recommend that the flagstick stay in the hole at all times. Please refrain from touching the flagstick.

5. The WVSSAC takes these COVID-19 precautions very seriously. Players intentionally violating the above precautions will be disqualified immediately in accordance with Rule 1-2b of the Rules of Golf.

6. We strongly encourage all members to review the symptoms of COVID-19 on the Center of Disease Control’s website. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms or have recently traveled to and from one of the many affected areas, or associated with one who has, we ask that you stay home. While the WVGA is implementing these several precautions in an attempt to protect the safety and well-being of everyone, we can never eliminate risk of exposure in its entirety.

7. Wash your hands frequently and please review the “How to Protect Yourselves and Others” document from the CDC.

*For more information, please visit the commission’s website at wvssac.org.


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