WV Caring seeking caregivers for local families

TAYLOR COUNTY— WV Caring has been providing the highest standard of hospice care for decades and has become known as the organization that is ready and willing to serve in the most difficult situations, as they take on complicated diagnoses that others won’t.

“WV Caring fills unmet patient care needs by taking on complicated diagnoses and making sure hospice pediatric care is available to the communities it serves, as well as offering a comprehensive bereavement program for patients and the communities,” shared WV Caring Vice President of Public Affairs and Access Cindy Woodyard. “Plus, WV Caring offers education and outreach programs that fill a void and are not provided by other end-of-life care providers.”

Founded in 1983, WV Caring, also known as Hospice Care Corporation, is a non-profit organization that has been on the front lines of Hospice Care, providing timely care to those with terminal illnesses and in a unique way that best suits them. 

“The philosophy of care is that every patient has a right to choose their end-of-life medical care,” Woodyard voiced. “And, WV Caring has the only Hospice Center in North Central West Virginia, giving individuals another option to better meet their needs.” 

And now the organization is looking to grow their care giving team.

“WV Caring Hospice offers its patients and families a list of individuals that have indicated they are available and appropriate to be listed as paid caregivers,” explained Woodyard. “This is a list by county that is provided upon request to give options for families in need of help and is not indicative of a reference from WV Caring. “

She noted that families would be responsible for completing reference checks and hiring individuals they believed to be an appropriate fit.

“We are in the process of updating this list to keep it current,” Woodyard disclosed.

Those who would like to be listed as an option for possible work, are asked to please call 1-800-350-1161, or email [email protected] 

“We need an operational phone number, counties or communities you are willing to work in and any limitations on hours, days that you are available,” Woodyard imparted. “If you would like to be your own boss, making your schedules and working for yourself to help others, this could be the perfect opportunity for you!”


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