WV Caring meeting patients where they are during NHPCM

TAYLOR COUNTY—WV Caring is happy to meet patients and families where they are, and they will be doing just that throughout the month of November as they celebrate National Hospice and Palliative Care Month (NHPCM) with various community events.

This year’s NHPCM boasts the theme, “Meeting You Where You Are.”

WV Caring has been providing the highest standard of hospice care for forty years allowing thousands of West Virginians to spend their final months wherever they call home, surrounded by their friends and loved ones.

“Our local care teams develop individual care plans for each patient and family to address the needs not only for the patient, but the family as well,” shared WV Caring Vice President of Public Affairs and Access Cindy Woodyard. “For the patient, it is ensuring that effective medication for pain and symptom management will result in keeping them comfortable at home, with less emergency hospitalizations and improved quality of life. For the family, hospice provides emotional support and advice to help family members become confident caregivers and give them the control and support in an overwhelming situation.”

In addition, WV Caring helps to address the anticipated grief for everyone involved and provide tools to help them adjust to the future with grief support for up to a year.

“Families are supported through the process through caregiver education, staff availability 24 hours a day, seven days a week, respite care if needed and grief and loss counseling during and after the death of the loved one,” Woodyard explained.

For 12 months after a loved one’s death, WV Caring provides a comprehensive bereavement program that includes, support groups, individual grief and loss coaching, information, memorials and its annual free bereavement camp, Camp Caring, for children who have experienced a loss and provides them with the skills needed to go forward and lead a normal healthy life.

One of the most important aspects of hospice is meeting patients and their loved ones where they are in their advanced illness.

“Going home from the hospital, or during a visit with their physician, hearing the word ‘hospice’ for the first time can be overwhelming,” Woodyard expressed. “It is our role as their local, hospice provider to be there with them at their most challenging time.”

She said that providing the expert care that is necessary for the patient and supporting the family with what matters most to them is WC Caring’s priority.

Founded in 1983, WV Caring, also known as Hospice Care Corporation, is a non-profit organization that has been on the front lines of Hospice Care, providing timely care to those with terminal illnesses and in a unique way that best suits them. 

“The philosophy of care is that every patient has a right to choose their end-of-life medical care,” Woodyard voiced. “And, WV Caring has the only Hospice Center in North Central West Virginia, giving individuals another option to better meet their needs.” 

While services are typically provided in the patient’s home, occasionally, patients may need a higher level of care when their pain and symptoms need to be managed with a short in-patient stay at WV Caring’s Hospice Center to get well enough to return home. 

Another option afforded to families at the center is respite care, which is a popular option when the patient’s caregiver needs a break. 

Hospice Center services are covered under the Medicare Hospice Benefit at one hundred percent of the cost.  In addition, the center takes private pay patients for residential care if needed.

WV Caring’s staff is among the best in the region, due to their experience and expertise in providing the most specialized types of patient care. 

“You can be assured that your loved one will receive the highest quality of care from our team of experts and local healthcare professionals,” Woodyard voiced. “We want our patients to embrace life. To do this, we ensure the right care is provided at the right time, helping to empower patients and their families. It is designed to help people to live more comfortably and fully as possible.”

She revealed that it is the goal of WV Caring to see to it that within the first 48 hours of care, the patient’s pain and symptoms will be under control, helping to reduce the stress put on both the individual and their family.  

WV Caring believes that hospice care should be an essential discussion made by the whole family when considering the final stages of their loved one’s life. 

From beginning to end, WV Caring is here for you and your loved ones. To learn more, contact WV Caring by calling at 1-866-656-9790 or by visiting www.wvcaring.org.

For general information, please visit the National Hospice and Palliatative Care Organziation’s website, CaringInfo.org.


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