WV Caring encourages you to be a blessing to someone

TAYLOR COUNTY—As restrictions continue to lift and the grips of the COVID-19 pandemic begin to lessen, one local organization that helps care for residents during a sometimes-difficult season is looking for volunteers. 

The staff at WV Caring continued to offer services to patients and their families throughout the course of the pandemic, and now, they are looking for volunteers to join their ranks to offer individuals even more care. 

“As our community begins to emerge from our COVID lockdown, there are many people that did not have the opportunity to choose isolation. At WV Caring, our staff continued to care for patients and their families throughout the entire pandemic,” voiced WV Caring Vice President of Public Affairs, Cindy Woodyard. “As a nonprofit, we did that without unlimited resources and without being able to hold fundraisers.”

Now, as the state begins to open back up, the organization is in need of assistance to help make up for lost time.

“There are families that need volunteers to get the break they waited for. There are patients in homes and in home-like settings, that have waited to have a hand to hold and a smiling face to look at,” Woodyard expressed. “It’s time to get back out there and remember how important it is to help others and be a blessing.”

 WV Caring offers a variety of ways for folks to get involved. In fact, it was volunteers who were responsible for the foundation of the organization.

According to WV Caring’s website, www.wvcaring.org, the advance illness care team is always looking for individuals with varying personalities, talents and time.

Once one decides to donate their time and skills to the organization, they are provided with training and education to help prepare them for the roles they will play. 

Whether serving as a patient/family support volunteer, providing companionship to those they are serving, or acting as a bereavement volunteer, helping to assist families who are suffering from grief, WV Caring has a place for everyone.

Individuals may also serve as activity, resale shop, office, music or maintenance/construction volunteers, along with helping with fundraising, community outreach and speaking engagements.

WV Caring is also part of the We Honor Veterans Program, helping veterans and their families navigate through end-of-life care.

To learn more about these volunteering opportunities, please visit wvcaring.org/volunteer-opportunities/.

Those interested in becoming a volunteer may contact Kim Riley by emailing [email protected] or by calling 304-864-0884.

“Please consider volunteering for us, regardless of your interest, we have a place for you to make a difference,” voiced Woodyard. “It’s time to get back out there, roll up our sleeves and become a blessing in someone’s life.”





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