WTES students get an out of this world experience

FLEMINGTON—Students at West Taylor Elementary School had an in-school field trip with Carnegie Science Center, Solar Quest, on Tuesday.

Students, kindergarten through fourth grade, had a hands-on and interactive learning experience, about the sun, and how it effects life through ten different interactive stations including, a planetarium dome.

The planetarium dome showed the solar system and different star constellations.

Before the students came to the stations, they watched a short film and had an interactive presentation, which included a mini rocket launch.

WTES Principal, Jamison Fisher said, “This is my favorite kind of day, to see the kids moving, interacting and learning.”

“The in-school field trip with Carnegie was a joint effort between the parent teacher organization (PTO), and the school,” shared Fisher.

According to Fisher, the solar quest event is just one of the many things that was made possible through the community’s support with Fall Fest last year. Fisher added, the school has field trips planned for every grade now until the end of the school year..

“The students have really enjoyed the stations. I think it is important for them to get this hands on learning experience,” said Amber Kirkpatrick, third grade teacher.

Some of the stations were, a gravity well and orbital motion, telescope training, and an electromagnetic spectrum station.

Allie Toy, Carnegie Program Presenter, explained, the focal point of solar quest is the solar system and the sun, and how life interacts.

Toy added, “The students are having a really good time, my favorite thing to see is when the kids start asking questions, and relate it to things they have seen in their life.”

There were approximately 25 parents volunteers and students from Grafton High School. The volunteers helped students with the activities at each station and answered questions during the event.

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