Women of a New Season “Your little neck of the woods,”

Proverbs 24: 3-4:  By wisdom a house is built, and through understanding it is established; through knowledge its rooms are filled with rare and beautiful treasures.

Proverbs says so many helpful things.  This little portion of scripture is one of them.  Wisdom builds your house. Not just talking about the structure here, not just the brick and mortar, but the inside of the house.  The part that makes it a home.  This kind of wisdom comes from God.

He can take two people who are far from wise and impart wisdom into their hearts and souls until a house on a firm foundation can be built.  (The foundation is God and the Cornerstone is Christ).

Through understanding it is established.  It takes understanding, forgiveness, kindness, long suffering and many other things to establish a home. (Fruit of the Spirit can be seen in this part).  It takes committed people to establish a home, a family, a life of love, peace and prosperity.

Knowledge fills its rooms with rare and beautiful treasures.  Ask God to impart knowledge into you that you may fill the rooms of your home with treasures.  I’m not talking about expensive china, or beautiful antique furniture, I’m talking about the love between a man and a woman, and their love for their family. Use knowledge to furnish your home’s heart.

Enroll in the course of Spouse 101.  Study your spouse.  What do they love, what do they fear? Then use the tools of your study to build up that loved one. Compliment them, hug them, tell them how much you love them.  Do the same with your kids.  Know what makes them tick.  Shore up their weak areas, and help them control their strong areas so that they are properly channeled.

When my family in our little neck of the woods gets together, we are a loud bunch. Our family has an ancestral mix of Native American, Irish, Italian, Hispanic, Scottish and English, with German thrown in for good measure.  We love to laugh, cry, and play games.  Everything we do is loud.  One fellow on his first visit to our home told us he didn’t know if he could get used to our noisy outbursts.  We love to have fun. This is one of the rare and beautiful treasures that fill the rooms of our home’s heart.  The people in it.  We all talk at the same time.  We tried one of those talking sticks, you know, where only the person holding the stick is supposed to speak.  It didn’t work.

Do we ever bicker or spat?  You betcha! But we don’t hold grudges and we make up fast.  We are a close bunch, and support each other whole heartedly. More treasures.  We’ve studied each other.  We know what the other one needs, but we also know which buttons to push when we are angry and want to instigate a little squabble.

This group also includes my sister and her kids and their families.  We are all a bunch of imperfect people, trying our best to serve a perfect God, and right now we are missing our head instigator, our biggest teaser, and my heart’s forever Valentine. Chuck.

It was my desire to show you a glimpse into my neck of the woods. It’s a crazy kind of place, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Having read what my heart wants to share, I hope you will take a long hard look at your little neck of the woods, and see if perhaps you can start a study on it. Do a few renovations if needed, fill your rooms with those rare and beautiful treasures.  No one can ever take those from you, for they dwell forever in your heart.  Until next time!

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