Women of a New Season “Wild in the weeds,”

Matthew 13: 24-25: Jesus put before them another parable: “The kingdom of heaven is like a man who sowed good seed in his field.  But while everyone was asleep, his   came and sowed weeds among the wheat, and slipped away. (Berean Study Bible).

One evening at twilight I turned onto the road where I live, and to my right were two little boys playing in the weeds alongside the road.  Had I not been paying attention I could have hit one of them.  The property owner hadn’t cut the grass for a long time. The property still lies in disarray.

My husband and I were talking this morning about when we take walks, we seldom see kids out playing.  I’m afraid they are lost among the weeds of lives in disarray. Kids are left to fend for themselves in a world gone crazy. Many parents in our area are in the house doing drugs.  Sleeping so to speak, because the enemy has come in and planted weeds.  Weeds of drug addiction, weeds of laziness, weeds of feeling entitled.  While they are sleeping in the weeds of their lives, their children are running wild in the weeds.  Not being properly fed, clothed or watched over.

The church has also been asleep allowing the enemy to come into her midst and plant weeds.  Some pastors no longer speak out against the Biblical truths the church was founded upon for fear of offending someone.  So the enemy has planted weeds there, weeds of apathy, weeds of feeling like, “It’s okay, things will go along as always.”  NO! They will not go along as always.  Weeds have a way of suffocating everything they touch.  They destroy healthy plants and healthy growth.

We cannot change the hearts of men, which must happen for them to arise from their dens of apathy, addiction and laziness.  But Jesus can!  Guess what?  We are His hands and feet and we are to be the voice speaking His words.  People say this all the time, “Only Jesus can change them!”  True.  I agree, but are you doing your part?

We held prayer for our police officers in our city, county and state. A woman called me and told me people would perceive us as racist for doing that. Weeds! Perception is more powerful than reality.  Supporting those who look out for us can hardly be racist because our First Responders are comprised of all races, and incidentally, both genders. My husband and I are both Chaplains to our local Law Enforcement Officers, it is our duty and privilege to pray for them.

We live in a time when we are called haters if we aren’t in agreement with the viewpoint of those around us. More weeds!  I am addressing Christians at this moment.  Please, begin to reach out to those around you with love. Invite them to church. We have reached a crossroad in our Christian walk. We are at a decision point.  Are we going to serve God wholly or just dabble in Christianity as some dabble in witchcraft?

If you cannot sell out to Jesus now, imagine how much more difficult it will be in a few years, or even months. When you take a stand for God, when He is the author of your core values, you will take some flak, which is merely strong criticism.

As Christians we are to love people and pray for them, but we are also to love them enough to teach them the truth.  Cute little platitudes, a poem and a sermonette won’t help people make heaven.  Pray, ask God to give you words to say to those hurting around you, then open your mouth and speak.  Until next time!


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