Women of a New Season: What’s your dark secret?

Psalm 44: 21:  Would not God know this? For he knows the secrets of the heart.

Last week in my column I wrote a little bit about my husband and myself.  I didn’t tell any of our deepest secrets and I never would, but we all have them.  Once we come to Christ they are under the blood.  The sinful ones are forgiven.  But, sometimes, the secret hurts or challenges of life stay with us like a drunkard’s hangover.  We can’t seem to shake them and they bring torment and disruption into our lives. They can ruin relationships, harm the lives of our children and loved ones, and do irreparable damage to our future.

God doesn’t want us to live under the bondage of these secrets. We all need a spouse or good friend we can trust with our hurts. If you have no one, there is Jesus.

I shared about my husband being an alcoholic. That could have ruined our marriage, but God took care of it.  He will take care of your issue too.  It was no secret my husband was an alcoholic. The secret was in the reason behind it. If you are an alcoholic, God can deliver you.  And He can heal you of the root cause too. The same goes for drugs or any addiction.  But, maybe that’s not your issue.  Perhaps you are in a rocky marriage, or a bad relationship. Those things are not too big for God to fix.  But, here’s the kicker, sometimes He doesn’t want to fix it.  Sometimes it’s so toxic to you that you need to be delivered from that too.  I’m so pleased to be able to tell you that our church, New Season Assembly, is full of people who do not judge. If you have a problem and you’d like help, I invite you to join us on Sunday mornings for church.  We are also starting a Spiritual Warfare Series on Wednesday nights at seven pm. It’s in spiritual battles that our victories are won.

We all have a testimony about what God has delivered us from and we are going to start giving those in church.  No one has to say a word, no one calls on you to do that.  These are volunteers who feel their story may help someone else. I know in my heart our area is full of hurting people who just need someone to care, someone to take interest.  We’re here for you in that capacity.  We find it so easy to love those who are hurting because we have all been hurting people at one time or another.

Please feel free to contact me if you just need to talk. I am an Ordained Minister with the Assemblies of God, and trained Life Coach, and I am mandated to keep confidences. Your talks with me as a Christian Bible counselor are private and safe, and to top it off, they are free.  When the Lord gifted me with the training and ability to help others I chose never to charge to do so. If you are hurting or have a loved one who needs help, please feel free to call me, or come to church and check us out.  You do not have to attend New Season to meet with me. You can call me for more info.  Until next time!

You may contact Paula at 304-677-9220.


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