Women of a New Season: What’s that you like? Why do you like it?

Psalm 14: 1:  The fool hath said in his heart, there is no God.  They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good. KJV
Let me name you a few things that are extremely popular these days.  You check me out, just watch the local and national news.
Greed; Sex; Pornography; Marijuana; Drugs; Self-Indulgence; Rights without Responsibilities; Disillusionment with America. All of these things are foster kids of the same tenets. More on that in a minute.  These eight things result in the following: Rebellion at God, parents and authority. Also, a tragic loss in skills, self-worth, purpose and happiness. They come from one source Humanism.  
Yesterday I went into a bookshelf in our study that I hadn’t dug into for a while and I came up with a book written in 1980 by Tim LaHaye, titled, The Battle for the Mind.  In his book he shares the five tenets of Humanism: Atheism; Evolution; Amorality; Autonomous Man; and finally, A Socialist One World Government. (On this last one, in my notes I’d written, Year 2000 or soon after).  I made those notes in 1980.
Just to touch on those briefly. If we do not believe in God, we can call the shots, and if we need saved, we will do it ourselves.  How’s that working out for us so far? The second part is, if there is no God, we were not created, so we came from some primeval ooze which eventually turned into mankind as we know it. Bet that makes you rethink that phrase, “Well, I’ll be a monkey’s uncle!”
The next step is Amorality. Situational ethics.  We can sleep with whom and whatever we choose, and if pregnancy occurs, just abort it.  Don’t forget Grannie on the other end of that scale, she’s getting senile so put her down like you did your old dog last year. You know, “If it feels good, do it!”
Autonomy, this is really good.  Reject ALL religious and/or moral codes. Demand rights to oppose government and have our own civil liberties, and don’t forget ladies, if you don’t want to be a girl, you can change that. The last one is One World Government.  Let me think, who better to run that than the Anti-Christ himself? Yeah man, that’ll be great.  Of course, as this is being set into place by the wealthy elite who think they’ll be in charge, only Christians know who will really run the show. No sweat though brothers and sisters in Christ.  We ain’t gonna be here for that dog and pony show. (To my dear pal Opal, I know that’s bad grammar, I did it on purpose).
Now if you’re waiting for all this to start, it already has.  Remember that old Ghost Buster phrase, “Who ya gonna call?” (Sorry Opal). Let me give you a number to contact someone who can help.  Please don’t wait too long.  Jeremiah 33: 3.   Until next time!


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