Matthew 22: 37:  Jesus said unto him, “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.”

            When Jesus died on the cross for us, He gave His all.  He suffered for our sins, so that we wouldn’t have to bear such a heavy load.  He died for our sins so that we could be forgiven, have our slate wiped clean, and enjoy eternal life. What do you have to offer Him in return? 

            Do you know what He wants in return?  He wants all of you.  After all, think about it, what would you be, where would you be, how would you be living had you not accepted Him?  On drugs? Divorced several times?  In prison?  Look at your life.  I’m talking to people right now who know Jesus, people who have asked Him into their hearts to forgive their sins.  You have a nice family, a warm and cozy home, a good job or a decent retirement.  Sure, you worked for that, but He and He alone made it possible.  So, what are you doing for Him?

            You may go to church on Sunday morning, or perhaps make a mid-week service now and then.  You may throw a $20 in the offering, or at tax refund time, even a $100 bill, but what are you really doing?

            Are you determined to be more faithful to His house?  Are you meeting Him in prayer daily?  Are you reading that precious book, the Bible daily?  Are you blessing your neighbor by telling him about Jesus, or are you cursing him when his dog digs up your flower bed? Do you sit in the hair salon and gossip about others in your church? Or do you take a bag of groceries to the elderly man down the street who has no family?

            What is your level of commitment?  Are you the “it’s all about me Christian”?  Your kids need soccer on Sunday, not church.  You have some beers after work, after all you aren’t a Nazarite. When the pastor said our lives are but a vapor, did you think he was slamming you because you smoke?

            Or maybe you are the “stumbling gait Christian?” My dad and I used to have horses, he had a Quarter Horse and I had an American Saddle Bred. We always teased each other about our horses.  I said his had no class, and he said mine only had three gaits, trip, stumble and fall.  (Please no letters.  I love Quarter Horses, and my dad loved the Saddle Bred).  It was a family fun thing.  But there are Christians who seem to have the three gaits my dad mentioned.  They trip over the word, stumble in their delivery and witness, and yes, have even fallen.  But the main thing is they get back up and brush themselves off and start again.  This second category isn’t a failure, but merely one who struggles.  In my years of ministry, I’ve seen these folks make the most awesome leaders.  How about Peter?  Denied Christ, cursed and yet turned out to be a mighty man of God.  They are more likely to make the third category than the “all about me” Christian. This category is, the” All In or Sold Out to God Christian.”

            That’s who we need to be.  The one sold out to Jesus.  The all in, guy.  The one who adores his Lord and longs for His soon coming.

            I promise, He won’t take anything from you.  You will gladly place those seemingly once important things into His nail-scarred hands. And you?  When you deepen your level of commitment, you will have no fear, no lack, no missing or broken pieces. That’s Shalom! Peace!  Until next time!



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