Women of a New Season: Undone deeds

Isaiah 51: 15-16: “But I am the Lord your God, who divided the sea whose waves roared- the Lord of hosts is His name. And I have put My words in your mouth; I have covered you with the shadow of My hand, that I may plant the heavens, lay the foundations of the earth and say to Zion, ‘You are My people.’”
Have you ever felt God speaking to you, oh, I don’t mean an audible voice, but perhaps through a thought which comes into your mind, or just an impression?
This has happened to me numerous times throughout my Christian life. Lately however, my life has been topsy turvy, and though I felt I needed the Lord to speak to me I wasn’t hearing a word. But last night this verse came to me in Isaiah, along with the one above.
Isaiah 50: 4-5: “The Lord God has given me the tongue of the learned, that I should know how to speak a word in season to him who is weary.  He awakens me morning by morning, He awakens my ear to hear as the learned.  The Lord God has opened my ear, and I was not rebellious, nor did I turn away.”
God was speaking to me last night.  It may not make sense to you, but it does to me. The Lord has been nudging me to do a certain thing for years. Literally several years.  I kept putting it off.  Even my husband would try to nudge me to begin this thing God wanted me to do.  I was busy enough, or so I thought, so I used every excuse in the book to put off this special thing that I was being trained and groomed to do for a long time.
Are you doing that?  Do you have something in your life that you know without a doubt God wants you to do, yet you don’t do it?  Well, here is the bad news, if you are reading this and you have that certain something on the back burner, God is telling you through my column, to move it up front and turn up the heat on the project and get it done.
If you’ve ever walked through a cemetery and read the tombstones you won’t learn a lot about the person buried there, but beneath the earth there are things you’d never imagine.  For example, there are millions of unwritten books, boats never built or sailed.  Families never started, good deeds left undone and more importantly hearts left untouched and kind words left unspoken.
We have no clue what the other one is pushing to the back of their life, trying to ignore, but we each know what it is in our own life. The question to you is not, “What’s in your wallet,” instead it is, “What’s your undone deed?”
God is here for us, our very present help in time of trouble. (Psalm 46: 1).  Don’t you think it’s about time we are here for Him, and that we begin to obey that long ago instruction that we’ve tried our best to ignore?   Until next time!
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