Women of a New Season: To women of a new year

Exodus 12:2: This month shall be unto you the beginning of months: it shall be the first month of the year to you.

Okay gals, 2022 is upon us.  January is coming in just a couple of days.  A new year is ahead of us.  Time for new hope, new plans, new inspiration, new beginnings. Take just a moment though, before the New Year arrives, to reflect over this old year.  Was it a rough one for you?  It sure was for a lot of us. Are there any situations you need to correct or make right?  Have you wronged someone, or are you perhaps holding unforgiveness toward someone?  If so, make it right.  Make the phone call, knock on the door, don’t make excuses, just honestly apologize and seek forgiveness, and grant it when it is needed.  Clean up the slate of 2021.  Don’t drag one iota of old rubbish into this new year.  Instead begin anew.  Be sure to be rid of all old baggage and start over.

We always make New Year’s resolutions, which we usually fail at miserably before February ends.  It’s okay to do that, but try this “clean slate” idea too.  It really makes a difference.  You may apologize to someone and save a relationship, or you may apologize and be turned away.  But rest assured your Heavenly Father will not turn you away, you will be pleasing in His sight with your attempt to resolve an issue.  Do it humbly.  Don’t say things like, “Well, if you hadn’t upset me I wouldn’t have done such and such.”  Instead, simply say, “I am so sorry that I hurt you.  Please forgive me.”  Don’t make excuses.  You see, this slate cleaning thing is really for your benefit.  It’s to teach you to love your neighbor and to be a good Ambassador for Christ.

Ask God to help you do better in the new year.  Set your heart and mind like flint that you will spend more time with Him, for He loves you deeply.  After all, He died on the cross for you, and me, and all those other souls out there, even those who curse Him, or say they don’t believe in Him. Let’s purpose in our hearts to give them our love and attention this coming year, so that they too may come to know and love our Savior.  Until next time!

I want to end this year by thanking you who have been reading this column.  Some of you have stuck with me since I started it in November of 2011.  Yes, hard to believe, but I’ve done this every week for all those years.  I know you are out there.  Some of you tell me you read my column when we bump into each other.  Even guys read this, they tell me so.  I truly appreciate that. I realize every column won’t be your cup of tea, but let me know if it helps you in any way.  

Writing is a lonely profession because we can’t speak face to face.  But, know this, I love and appreciate all of you, and I wish you the safest, most prosperous and blessed new year you’ve ever had.  Happy New Year!


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