Women of a New Season “There are other ‘F’ words,”

Ephesians 4: 29: Don’t use foul or abusive language.  Let everything you say be good and helpful, so that your words will be an encouragement to those who hear them.

As I watch the news or read articles about the current movements taking place in our country, I realize that something more than cursive is missing from our educational curriculum. Or perhaps most of the students skipped school the day they taught vocabulary. It seems one word in particular is the main framework for what many have to say, it’s that dreaded “F” word. They can’t seem to get their point across without spewing foul and vulgar language. They want their message out there, but many of us are deaf to this sort of repetitive verbiage. It’s easier to get your ideas across if you are articulate, or at least reasonably so. A basic grasp of our language would certainly help, which means acquiring a more expansive vocabulary and learning more than one adjective.

People are usually turned off by violent behavior and filthy language.  When these two things are your only way of communicating you will never expand your audience. When you scream threats and obscenities all they can hear is a roar.

Usually my column is for Christian women, but today it’s for anyone who would like to learn more than one adjective, and since the favorite adjective of this current group of people begins with an “F” I want to teach you a few new ones, and toss in a FEW extra “F” words too.

FEARLESS policemen keep us safe. FREEDOM is basic in the USA. FACTUAL reports are what we want to hear. FRIENDLY people come in all skin colors. FINE manners are a symbol of a gentleman. We have hope for our FUTURE generations. We serve a FAITHFUL God, who bestows FAVOR upon us. This wonderful nation was FOUNDED on the belief of people with FORTITUDE and FORWARD thinking.

There is one more word I want to share; the people who read this column love God and live to serve Him.  They will be praying for you, partly that you improve your communication skills, but mostly that hate would leave you heart so God can fill it with FAITH!  Faith to accept the beautiful gift of salvation that He offers to you through the death of His precious Son, Jesus Christ. Oh, if only you could know His love.  I too at one time only knew how to communicate through anger, but FAITH changed my life.  May the God of Heaven pour out His love upon your soul and bring you into His Kingdom.  Until next time!


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