II Chronicles 16: 9:  For the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to show Himself strong on behalf of those whose heart is loyal to Him. NKJV

Another version says on behalf of those whose hearts are fully committed to Him.

            Every year I pray for God to speak to me about the upcoming new year. This year He has shown me that we are to be His Warrior Bride. We are to still speak out about Him at every opportunity.  That’s how people come to church, and more importantly, come to Him.

            He wants us to be bold, strong and courageous.  It takes courage to stand up for what God loves and against what He hates.

            You hear it all the time; Jesus is coming back. People scoff at that, but it’s nonetheless true.  He is coming back.  The signs for it happening are speeding up. He wants His church, His bride to get closer to Him this year than we’ve ever been. You can’t tell others of Him if you don’t really know Him.  As a matter of fact, you won’t tell of Him if you don’t know Him.

            This is my first column of 2021 and I’m using it to share what I believe God has shown me.  We need to draw close to Him.  We need to really get to know Him.  We need to love what He loves, and hate what He hates.  When confronted with evil, cancel culture and other things related to our Christian life, He wants us to arise a warrior. His warrior bride.

            In Judges we read of Deborah, a prophetess and judge for her people at the time.  She tells us that village life had ceased. Haven’t we seen that happen in our lives this past year, and isn’t it still continuing?  She said village life ceased until she, arose, a mother in Israel.

            Ladies most of you who are reading this are Christians, and you care about the people around you, your family, your church family, your West Virginia people.  That makes you a mother, because you have a mother’s heart toward those people.  You don’t have to have given birth to have a mother’s heart. So, you, my friends, with mother’s hearts, need to arise.  Arise a mother in West Virginia. Reach out to those around you.  Comfort the hurting.  Help the needy. Teach those who are unlearned toward the things of God. Show them in His Word how to love what He loves and hate what He hates, and the proper way to speak out about it.  It’s our obligation and duty as daughters of the Most High God.

            God is calling His daughters in this year of 2021 as never before to arise.  Arise a Warrior Bride. I’ll do some Chick Talks on my FB page about this bride in the next few weeks.  Check it out.  I want to do my part in helping you do your part. Don’t hold back, God wants to use you.  He needs you to be His Esther.  Feel free to private message me on Facebook if you want to get some pointers.  I’m here for that, it’s what I do.

            Sharpen your sword.  (Read the word and learn about Him). Get your armor ready, and learn to do battle in the heavenlies from a kneeling position.  Arise Warrior Bride! Until next time.

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