Women of a New Season: Stronger Together

Last Sunday I spoke to my church about women gathering together in these last days.  It’s as if we are God’s secret weapon that has recently been unveiled.  He is using His precious daughters more and more, and there are many women out there who do not know our God, nor the love He has for them.  To get that message across is our job ladies.

So, I introduced an idea to the ladies of our church and we are going to be working on this idea to implement it in our body of believers.  The idea is this; we will have a group of ladies, and they will vary each time, except for a few regulars who know how to keep things on track.  This group will discuss various subjects which are important to women.  We will video these sessions and post them on our church Facebook page and share them to our own pages, in order to get some ideas out to ladies who are friends of friends and might not even attend church.

Stronger Together kept coming to me as a name for the group.  After the sermon I went to a store in the mall to return something and guess what I found?  Several little signs that read: STRONGER TOGETHER.  I really believe God was confirming to me that I was on the right track.  I am excited about this new project.  God called me to minister to women, and although I pastor a church, I still have a heart for women, and we have a strong women’s group, SHE, overseen by a long- time minister and friend who recently moved back home, Sandra Newcome.

My call to women has been multi-faceted, but my main thrust is to get them to know and accept Christ and then disciple and teach them to do that for others. These are exciting times and even a little scary.   We must remember, God is still on the throne.  He will take care of us.

So, no matter where you attend church, you will be able to participate in this Stronger Together project if you’d like.  We will welcome a live audience to view the filming in order to let you know personally what it’s all about, and then ladies who wish to sign up will be given an application to fill out in order to participate.  This will not be a doctrinal free for all.  I am Assembly of God, and my doctrine will not change.  It will not be a debate or time of arguing like we see on television with the talking heads on the news.  It will be a time for women to share their hearts, ideas, and yes, even fears with others.  We want it real ladies.  No superstars, just God’s beautiful daughters loving and sharing with one another.  Keep an eye on my FB page and New Season’s page for more info.  Remember this, we are always STRONGER TOGETHER.  Until next time!


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