Women of a New Season “She shall be praised”

Proverbs 31: 30:  Charm is deceitful and beauty is passing, but a woman who fears the Lord, she shall be praised.

As a new Christian I did not like the Proverbs 31 woman.  She was everything I was not.  I used to read that and feel so convicted.  But, as time passed and my walk with the Lord deepened, I began to realize that she was placed before us to show just how marvelous a woman can be.  A woman is God’s beautiful creation.

Yes, beauty fades, even our skills lessen as we get older, like cooking skills for example. Mine were never that great to begin with so I didn’t have far to fall on that one, but God is more concerned with how we live our lives for Him than He is with our cooking or sewing skills. (Sewing another area in which I do not excel).

Do you keep your home neat and orderly?  Do you treat your husband with respect?  Do you instruct your children in the things of God?

We were created to bring warmth and color into the lives of our family.  It’s often said men build houses but women make homes.  It’s true, or it should be. We are nurturers by nature.  But there are times when the old nature wants to rise up. I asked a group of women how many of them used to yell at their kids when they were smaller? Almost every hand in the room went up, mine included.  Ok, so we mess up now and then, but we have to keep trying to improve.

It’s the trying that pleases our heavenly Father, and blesses our families.  It’s living in the fear and admonition of the Lord that brings praises into our lives. But praises shouldn’t be our goal, our goal should be to revere God and live for Him, and to teach our families to do the same.

It’s snuggling into your pillow at night knowing you’ve done the best you could for your loved ones that day.  You comforted your son when he brought home a low grade in math.  You encouraged your teenaged daughter when the boy she likes didn’t ask her to the harvest party. And you spent time with your husband cuddling on the sofa, listening to him as he talks about the bad day he had at work.  Sometimes it’s a good grade, or an invitation to a party that was much desired, or a great day at work.  Doesn’t matter the content, it’s your availability that matters.  Your comforting or encouraging words, and even your scolding. Yes, we are to be nurses, chauffeurs, counselors, and cheerleaders. Throw in being a coach, cook, cleaning lady and charming hostess, and you are getting close to seeing just how multitasking we really are.

Make up your mind that you were fearfully and wonderfully made by a God who thinks highly of you. Your family will praise and love you, and all you have to do is the best you can.  Cut yourself some slack, you are a daughter of the King.  Until next time!



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