Women of a New Season “Shake off those heavy bands,”

Psalm 150: 1: Praise the Lord!

Remember the little chorus we used to sing?  Shake off those heavy bands, lift up those holy hands, let all God’s children Praise the Lord!

Lately I’ve felt kind of down.  Maybe even somewhat depressed.  I spoke with a friend yesterday who admitted she was depressed.  I talked to another friend who said this time of year when we can be outside doing things, many Senior Citizens feel depressed because they are no longer able to do all they once did.  But in truth folks, I think this Covid-19 thing is hard on all of us.  We are social beings and we are cut off from fellowship.

Being a usually upbeat person, who is called to encourage others I was feeling rather gloomy about the future. Today I was praying; no, not the isolated in my prayer closet sort of prayer, but the picking up around the house, listening to praise music kind of prayer.  You know, a word here and there to the Lord? And I said, “Lord, I know you want us to repent.  We can’t repent for the sins of others, but we can repent for ourselves.  I want to repent and get out of the doldrums and back to my old self.” I went on to say, “I feel like all I think about is the bad stuff and I’m tired of it.  Tired of politics, Covid-19, nasty people, masks, tv reporting only the ugly, yada, yada, yada.” All of a sudden, I felt something lift.  It was like a weight came off me.  I felt lighthearted and hopeful. I truly believe the Lord showed me something that will be an encouragement to others.

On Sunday, August second, I’m going to be speaking at our church about The Window.  I wrote about The Window in my last column, but this is more.  This will include what I already had prepared and what I feel the Lord has shown me today. He is going to be making a move.  Some won’t even feel it, but many will. He will be bringing back the ones who have walked away from Him.  The backsliders will be swept up in this move He is about to make.  New converts will come to Him like they have in past awakenings, and His children who have grown cold or walked away will reignite their love for Him and come home.

If you don’t have a home church, come try us a few times.  If your church isn’t open yet, come visit.  We are practicing Social Distancing and wearing our masks. We sanitize the sanctuary and common areas after every service. Don’t let the devil keep you out of church.  Don’t let him weigh you down with lies, and don’t let him steal your joy.  Check out New Season on Facebook and my own Facebook page.  Let’s grow an Army for God.  Until next time!  SHAKE OFF THOSE HEAVY BANDS!!!


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