Women of a New Season “Rise up you women!”

Isaiah 32: 9:  Rise up, you women who are at ease, hear my voice; you complacent daughters, give ear to my speech.

 This was a warning given by God to the women at the time, letting them know that wasting, desolating judgments were about to come upon the land. It’s referring to Sennacherib’s coming to seize all the fenced cities of Judah.

The women were living in ease and pleasure. They had money and mirth and lived careless lives, never thinking of those in need, let alone God. 

Amos 6: 1: Woe to you who are at ease in Zion…

My heart in ministry has always been to women, and I really believe that God is talking to His daughters right now through these verses.  We were always taught that Zion is a type of God’s church, so I believe this is a word to all ladies, myself included.  We are at ease in church, and we are at ease in our lives.   We are spoiled as Christians here in America, and if trouble comes our way we will be devastated.  

We go on trips, we take our kids to sports and dance class, they wear only the best, and we bend over backwards to make them happy.  We party, we live in leisure, we shop and spend hours on Facebook. I’m not saying this is sinful, what I’m saying is, we have it made, but we give little thought to those who don’t have life so easy.

God is saying to us today, that we should begin to reach out to those who are less fortunate, whether it be lack of money, or lack of knowing God.  Keep doing for your family, it is always God first, then your spouse, then your kids.  But we also need to become aware of others and their needs.

Have a neighbor over for coffee and tell her about Jesus.  Bake cookies for her family for Christmas, or give a little gift to her

Read on down in Isaiah about how quickly devastation can come.  But then it says, Until the Spirit comes upon us from on high.  If we begin to put God first, and help others we will be doing our part to turn the tide from the path of destruction that we are on.  Turning back to God, getting closer to God, these are the things we can do to help ourselves and our families.  Rise up women, start sharing your resources and your God.  Until next time!


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