Women of a New Season “Put on the right outfit,”

Proverbs 31: 25:  She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future. NLT

Who is this gal?  Do you know her?  Actually, I know quite a few of these gals. Two of them are my daughters.  One, a single mom and busy nurse, has three kids in college and one still in grade school.  She doesn’t live in fear, of course she has three Great Danes which removes certain types of fear. She told me once that she loves this verse.  My other daughter is a single mom as well.  She has three kids. Two in very successful careers and another pursuing her PhD.  My daughter is also in school, upgrading her degree in the medical field, while working full time as a nurse. She isn’t clothed in fear either.

Another gal I know who fits the bill is 80 years young, a widow, who just moved out of state and bought a new home.  So proud of her, she’s been through a lot and always comes out the victor.  Another is raising four young sons. She home schools her children while pursuing her own college studies. Yet another young woman with a busy family is a worship leader. She never misses church and manages to dig into any project needed by the church, her family or her friends.

There are many women who fit this bill.  Are you one?  The girl who backslid but is coming back strong because she loves God. The one who lost a husband and son within a short time, or the mom who lost her teenaged son to an accident, yet they both minister with smiles and passion to others.  How about the one who can’t come to church due to Covid-19, because she’s had chemo for cancer.  Yet she never fails to mail in her tithe and always wears a beautiful smile.

Then there are the prayer warriors.  Always quiet, but put forth prayers so powerful they make you shiver?  And, their prayers get answers.  Oh, I want them praying for me, and they do. We also know the gal with a high- powered stressful job, who also helps her husband with farm work and can handle a horse like you wouldn’t believe.

In the very depth of their souls, these women have one thing in common.  They are all in love with the same man.  His name is Jesus.  If you get to know Him, he will help you choose the right outfit. Like the robe of righteousness, or the Armor of God, or strength and dignity, as our verse for today states. These outfits chase away fear and bring the joy of laughter to our hearts.  Hats off to you lovely ladies.  I know and love each of you, and many more like you.  Until next time!


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