Women of a New Season: Praise the Lord for his creation

Psalm 148: 7-8:  Praise the Lord from the earth, you great sea creatures and all the depths; Fire and hail, snow and clouds; stormy wind, fulfilling His word…

Someone posted on Facebook something along these lines: “If you take no joy in the snow, you’ll have no joy, but the same amount of snow.”  This is so true.  The snow is beautiful, but oh, so inconvenient, and at times dangerous.  It can also be fun, cross- country skiing, snowshoeing, sled riding, snowmen, snow angels, snowball battles and on and on. If you feel unable to do those things, you can sit by a fireplace with hot chocolate and enjoy a movie or a book or some other activity.

We all, myself included, must learn to chill out a little, no pun intended, relax and enjoy life.  Life is too short to be angry about a snowstorm.  My husband and I always loved going to McDonald’s in the mornings.  We’d talk to people and have fun, but we’ve also prayed for many folks there and led some to the Lord.  We went even when it snowed.  I’ve continued to go since he died. I use the time to study or catch up on my emails, or do research on my phone.

Today was the one- year anniversary of my husband’s death.  The snow was a blanket over ice, so I had no intentions of going out. My son called me and said we were going to McDonald’s.  On rare occasions he would stop in for coffee with my husband and me, but he hasn’t for a year.

So, in spite of a snowy day, with iffy roads, my son and I had some good chat time over coffee. I know why he did this, and it is highly appreciated.  I’ve lost my soulmate, but I still have a wonderful family.  Daughters and grandkids, all contacting me today because it is probably my toughest day.  But let me tell you this, because of the love of my family, like my sister and niece, and dear friends from church and out of state, I can feel the love of Christ surrounding me.  I feel very comforted.  I know I’m being covered in prayer and I can feel the warmth of that.

This, folks, is what Christianity is about.  Loving one another and encouraging one another in good times and bad. Yes, this is a rough week for me, for within this week is the anniversary of Chuck’s death, his birthday and the day he was buried. But I will make it through.  Why?  Because of the love of God and my family and friends.

I wanted to write this column today in honor of my husband, Chuck, and all my loved ones.  Thank you all for being there, this includes all my Facebook friends.  I love you and just wanted to tell you.  Until next time!


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