Women of a New Season “Pick up what Jesus drops on the trail for you,”

Psalm 65: 11:  You crown the year with your goodness, and your paths drip with abundance.

As we walk through this world as Christians, we can at times get confused about where our next step will lead us. We aren’t sure how things will turn out and at times we can become fearful and uncertain of our future.  

We have to remember this; as we walk through our day, we are walking through God’s history.  He has already walked our day ahead of us. He knows where we are going.  He helps smooth out our pathway, and removes obstacles to keep us from stumbling. He also drops things on the pathway for us.  Things like mercy, grace, peace, joy, and encouragement.  He puts people in our path who are there for a purpose, either to help us, or to receive help from us.

God has it all under control.  If you’ve ever been on a long trip and you are uncertain where your next turn-off should be, or which lane to get in, you can get a feel for how some feel as they walk through this life.  My husband and I lived in New England for 30 years.  We came back to West Virginia once or twice a year to visit, sometimes even more.  We knew the road.  We knew where our routes changed, where the best restaurants and hotels were, and yes gals, we knew all the rest stops,  I made sure of that.  I’ve driven that route solo many times picking up or dropping off my G-Kids.  If you drove straight through it was about a 17 hour trip to where we lived.  But because we knew it, it wasn’t a scary drive in the least.  Well, walking through life with God as your guide takes the angst out of that trip as well.

Sometimes God will tell you exactly where He is leading you, other times it will be as He told Abraham, go to a place I will show you.  But to find that place you have to be in motion.  You will never find your journey’s end by sitting on your sofa.

So pray for God to start leading you and take that first step in faith.  He has a plan for your life which will bring you blessing and joy.  Mind you, I didn’t say it would be without problems, but you will overcome every obstacle by following His trail and picking up the things He leaves for you.  Until next time!


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