Women of a New Season: Pandemic Pause!

II Kings 7: 3:  And there were four leprous men at the entering in of the gate; and they said one to another, “Why sit we here until we die?”

During this whole ordeal of the pandemic situation, I believe the American people have been compliant.  Which means inclined to agree with others or obey rules. Then it says especially to an excessive degree, or acquiescent, which means to accept something without protest.

The people have cooperated during this time. I talk to a lot of people, and one thing I hear frequently is, “I can’t wait until things are back to normal, or are back to the way they used to be.” Have you ever thought that maybe God doesn’t want us to go back to the way things were, but rather go forward to what He wants; an Awakening to the Spirit in the people.

Sure, we were all “doing” church.  We had our programs, and God forbid that we might deviate from them even in the slightest manner. We’ve almost stopped checking out what our pew mate is wearing and passing judgment on it. We’ve actually graduated to checking out their life and judging that. We complain about the sermons, and how we aren’t being fed. At some point, even babies learn to feed themselves.

We moan about the music, too loud, too whatever, or we whine about the temperature.  Too cold, or too hot. We’re afraid to preach the truth, because if we do the big tithers might not agree, and if they leave,  we’ll be broke.

This for many, was church as we knew it.  It’s time to face facts and ask ourselves, “Why sit we here until we die?” We need to change our attitudes.  We have a crisis. We have to learn to handle it.  During the core of this thing, we’ve had a “pause” in our lives.  A Pandemic Pause if you will.  A time to pray and read and get close to God. But all we can think to do is get “back” to where we were.  I don’t want to be where I was. I want to do more for Christ.  I want to grow closer to Him. I want to win more souls than ever.

Those four lepers were living during a crisis of famine.  They were not allowed into the city because of their disease.  There was no food there anyway. But the enemy camp of the Syrians, which had the city at siege, had supplies, thus their decision not to sit where they were any longer and die.

They went to the camp of the Syrians and found no one there. The Lord had caused the enemy army to hear sounds of horses, chariots and a great army.  Hearing these things, the enemy fled.

The four lepers were elated when they discovered the enemy gone and the bounty of food, clothing and supplies. They began to stuff themselves with delicacies and carry out the gold and ornate apparel to hide it.

Is that something else we did in church?  Enjoyed the service and hearing about the Lord, but never sharing it with anyone?

Suddenly the lepers stopped and looking at one another said, “What we’re doing isn’t right.”  Wow, they had an awakening, on a much lower key than the one we need, but an awakening nonetheless.

Long story short, in their adventure into not staying in the status-quo, and not going back to what they thought was normal, they managed to save themselves plus the whole city.

So, wrapping this up, I just want to say, “I don’t want to go back to the way things were, or what I called normal before.”  The world has made a huge spiritual shift.  Unless you see it in your spirit, and act on it, you may be sitting where you are to your detriment. Work on getting closer to God.  Read, pray, share the Gospel.

Just ask this question of yourselves, “Why sit we here until we die?” Until next time!


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