Women of a New Season: Let’s remember why we celebrate Christmas

James 1: 17: Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation and no shadow of turning.

As we are fast approaching Christmas, people are embracing the distraction of the brightness of the season; the lights, the shopping, gift wrapping and parties.  We need the distraction for sure.  There are those who are facing chemo, radiation, serious burns, family dying of Covid and numerous other burdens and trials.

Believe me, I am all for the distraction of the season.  It brings joy to hearts, you can watch your children as their little eyes widen at the sight of community tree lightings and decorations twinkling everywhere.

Our world is filled with drama, trauma, angst and fear.  Never in all my years have I seen things as bad as they are at this time.  Marriages are breaking up, children are being abused, women are being beaten by a person supposed to be their protector.  You may be thinking, well, those things have been happening for years. Yes, that’s true, but the reasons are more varied now.  There are parents selling their children into sex trafficking, men spending hours on their phone viewing pornography.  Meth is reigning supreme as a top addiction. Children 5 years old and younger are wanting to change their gender.  Lies are being told as truth by the media and no one is questioning it. People are selling out their neighbors for greed and lust.

So, yeah, cast those thoughts aside and take in the glitter and the glam of the season, but in all your celebrating, remember why you are celebrating.  It is because, the One who can end this hell on earth, the One who will end this hell on earth, was born all those years ago.  His birth was foretold years ahead of it’s happening by men who recorded it in what we now call our Bible.  They said He would be born, and He was.  They said He would die for our sins, and He did.  They said He would be beaten by many stripes for our healing, and it happened. Then they said He would rise again so that we too would have eternal life, and He did.  Finally, they told us He would come again, and believe me, He will.

Yes, we need to enjoy and celebrate this season, live it up, exchange gifts, love your family and friends, because we are celebrating His birth.  The birth of Jesus Christ!  And one day soon, we as those who belong to Him, will be celebrating His coming again.  Until next time!


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