Isaiah 5: 20:  Woe to those who call evil good and good evil.  Who put darkness for light, and light for darkness.  Who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.

         In 1962 Chubby Checker had a hit song called, Limbo Rock.  Part of the lyrics were, “How low can you go?” I believe we need to ask that question of our country right now.  How low can we go?

        Today I read a news article about a show on a certain network, titled, “Cuties.”  It was talked about by Nancy Grace on Fox News this morning. You can look it up.  It’s caused quite a rage among many moral people. Basically, and I’m being polite, it’s child pornography.  Check it out yourself?  How low can you go?

         Another lady, who thinks of herself as the world’s foremost authority on whatever subject is discussed, talks with great strength of knowledge about many subjects from child molestation, weight loss, and the way of salvation, or should I say, ways of salvation for Christianity. One should first of all be trained to speak with authority on molestation, one should also show success to speak on weight loss, and one should definitely be saved to really know the workings of salvation.  There is only One Way to salvation, and His name is Jesus.  This woman has great influence on millions of women, and men, all over our nation.  Doesn’t anyone think things through on their own anymore?  How low can you go?

         People burn and loot our cities, and tear down statues that are totally unrelated to their, so called plight.  They don’t know history. They also don’t know grammar, as their vocabulary seems to consist of one four letter F word. How low can you go?

         We the Christians in this nation must begin to stand up and be counted.  We need to let our voices of hope, love and peace, be heard. We also need to stand against abortion, child pornography, pedophilia, and anarchy against our great nation.  This is the country people run to for safety and prosperity.  We are the last stand.  There is nowhere else to run. We are in the last moments of time. Jesus is coming soon and we don’t want to hear Him say to us, “How low can you go?”

         People are hurting.  Many are being swayed by false teachings, hyped-up chanting and mob mentality.  We have the answer. We must speak the truth.  Until next time!


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