Women of a New Season: Godwink

Ecclesiastes 8: 6:  For there is a proper time and procedure for every delight, though a man’s trouble is heavy upon him.

If you gals watch any Hallmark Christmas movies, you have surely heard of Godwink. It’s actually a happening that people usually think of as a coincidence.  Usually there are two types of people who don’t hold much stock in coincidences; Cops and Christians.  In these movies it happens in a delightful way that changes people’s lives.  It’s God intervening in a situation that appears to be a coincidence.  In the Christian realm we call it a Kairos moment. God actually jumps in a timeline in someone’s life and makes a great and miraculous change.  A Kairos Moment or a Godwink.  Very similar, as they are both divine intervention.

If you haven’t seen a Hallmark Godwink movie I encourage you to watch one. It’s fun and very appealing to Christians.  If you will allow me, I’d like to tell you a bit of a Godwink in my personal story.  A Godwink sometimes happens to those who aren’t Christians, but I assure you God is leading them to Himself in Godwinks.

While in a very troubled relationship, before I ever came to Christ, I used to write fictional stories to give bring peace and joy into my heart.  I wrote of a young woman who while entering a gate at a county fair, saw a man on the other side of the gate dressed in dark clothing.  Turned out he was a US Marshal looking for a fugitive.  But, when their eyes met she felt his eyes burn right through her.  She was extremely attracted to him, but kept moving.  Later they met, fell in love, yada, yada, yada.

My relationship ended about a year later and I moved back home. One day I met my brother in-law at the Courthouse, where we stood outside waiting on my mom, for a meeting the three of us had to attend.  While on the Courthouse steps my brother in-law told me that a car had just gone by with Chuck Jeffries in it, and he said, “He was really looking you over.”

In a couple of minutes he said, “Oh, no, here he comes.”  And there he came walking up to us, with that mile wide smile.  Shaking my brother in-law’s hand and staring at me the whole time.  We were introduced, but I was watching for my mom too intently to get in on the conversation. My mom arrived and we went inside, and Chuck left.  After our meeting and a quick lunch, we parted company.  I saw my dad’s car parked at the VFW.  (Remember none of us were Christians).  After seeing my dad’s car, I went into the club and sat down beside him. There standing and talking to him was Chuck.  As he looked across at me, I felt his eyes burning right through me.  Just like I’d written about. (Godwink)! We both felt an immediate connection and spent hours talking there with my dad about our lives. We didn’t go out on a date for about two weeks, and once we did, we dated constantly for almost nine months and got married.  That meeting, was a Godwink.  A Kairos moment that changed both our lives. 

Neither of us knew it, but we were being set up by God Himself for a most wonderful life.  We began attending church about 7 months after we got married, but our pastor didn’t know about salvation himself.  Later some speakers came to our church and we heard the gospel for the very first time in our lives.  We got saved when we had been married two years, in the same month that we had our first date.  We were married 44 years when my Chuck passed away, and when I’m alone, I can still see those eyes burning through me and I realize that I serve a God that loved me so very much that He blessed me with the love of a lifetime and a Savior who loves and cares for me.

So, as you walk through life, keep your eyes open, somewhere in your days ahead you too will experience a Godwink or a Kairos moment. It may not be about love, but it will be a marvelous and divine intervention that changes your life.  This Christmas season is the time of hope and miracles.  Keep your heart open.  Merry Christmas! Until next time!

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