Women of a New Season “Family love,”

Genesis 31: 49:  The Lord watch between you and me, when we are out of one another’s sight.

My family is scattered all over the place. They are in West Virginia, Florida, California, Colorado, Virginia, North Carolina and a few in Texas. On those nights when I’m over tired, I pray for them in a bunch.  Most nights I name them one by one, and pray for any particular needs of which I’m aware. But I have to tell you, I miss them.

Then I have my church family.  We’ve had several churches, so that family is pretty extensive. Over the years we’ve remained close to some of them.  They too are on my prayer list. I will be the first to confess that I am not a prayer warrior.  Believe me, I know some prayer warriors, and I don’t fill the bill.  They are fierce in their prayers and they pray for me as hard as I pray for my family.

Now I know all of you love your families, I see Facebook comments and pictures to prove it, but have you stopped to think about that church family?  They need your prayers too.  No, like me you don’t have to be a prayer warrior, but when they come to your mind, you need to pray for them.  I’ve taught on following the prompting of the Holy Spirit.  It is vital we do that.  I remember one incident many years ago, it was while we still lived in Grafton, It was two in the morning and I was awakened from a sound sleep by the Holy Spirit.  I knew it was God by how it happened.  I was instantly wide awake and feeling an overwhelming urgency to pray for my husband who was out on a train.  He was an engineer at the time. I began to pray, and that urgency stayed with me for a minimum of 20 minutes or more.  Finally, I felt peace and went back to sleep.  We didn’t have cell phones then, so it wasn’t until my husband came home the next day that I found out what happened.  There was a huge boulder that had fallen onto the tracks.  It was sitting there against a steep wall climbing upward on the right.  On the left there was a drop-off that would have meant sudden death had the train derailed.  They came around a curve and there it was.  To throw the train into emergency would have been deadly, so they rode it out.  Somehow it moved enough that they scraped by, literally.  The time?  Two o’clock in the morning.

This is something I wanted to share with you and believe me I have many other scenarios I could tell you about. But we are living in truly troublesome times.  Dangerous times. So, I want to encourage you to listen to the Spirit’s prompting.  It may not always happen when you are sleeping, it can be in the middle of the day as you are teaching your class at school, or nursing the baby, the point is, when someone pops in your mind out of the blue, take a few moments to pray for them, even if you don’t feel an urgency. You don’t have to be a prayer warrior, you just have to be a follower of Jesus.

In these last days, and these are the last days, the Lord wants us to draw closer to Him than ever before in our lives.  I believe there will be times down the road when He speaks a word that can literally save our lives. But we have to be in tune with Him.  How do we get that way?  We spend time in our Bible each day and we spend time in prayer each day. We are people living in the natural world, serving a God who is supernatural.  He sees all that is around us and before us.  Please learn to hear His voice.  And keep in mind, when He speaks it is in a still, small voice.  He wants you to be a watchman over your family.  This not only includes your blood family, but your spiritual family at church and your neighbors and friends. Until next time!


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