I Peter 2: 9:  But you are a chosen generation, royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for His own possession, that you may proclaim the excellencies of Him who called you out of darkness into His marvelous light.

            When I need my new puppy to be out from underfoot while I clean or do some other chore, I offer him a treat to get into his crate.  He goes immediately.  He doesn’t collect $200 or pass go.  I told him I should have named him Esau because he would sell his birthright for food.

            If you look at the above verse you can see how precious we are to Christ.  A royal priesthood, a holy nation which belongs to Him.  He called us out of darkness into His light in order that we might see and proclaim the good news, the gospel.

            The enemy of our soul is lurking in the shadows to steal our birthright, our identity in Christ.  He lures us away with a treat of some sort, or with fear and trepidation.  His first choice will usually be the treats.  Like my puppy, too many of us run immediately without thinking it through.   We start that office affair because that girl looks good, or strokes our ego.  Or we partake in gambling in order to try to make a quick, easy dollar.  When we do this, we lose that identity spoken of in this verse and we step deeply back into the shadows of darkness.

            Do you realize what’s riding on that identity?  Your very salvation and the safety of your soul for the main thing.  Then there is your witness.  You can’t show anyone the goodness of Christ while having that affair, watching that porn, stealing time from the company.  Many spend time on their phones at work and surf the net, or hang out on Facebook while on company time.  Sorry gals, that’s stealing.

            You have been given an identity the world would crave if they only understood it.  We are the clarifiers.  We are the ones who explain it with our words and with our lives. If our identities are stolen from us by the wiles of the devil, then we are the salt that has lost its savor as the Bible says.

            Don’t let the enemy steal your identity and be sure not to freely offer it up for some sort of treat offered in the dark world in which we dwell.  We are the children of light.  Stay out of the shadows and darkness, stay in His marvelous light and show the lost and hurting what a wonderful identity they can have.  Until next time!

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