Women of a New Season “Come to the well!,”

John 4: 16-18: Jesus said to her, Go, call your husband and come here.  The woman answered him, I have no husband.  Jesus said to her, You are right in saying, I have no husband, for you have had five husbands, and the one you now have is not your husband. What you have said is true.

First of all let me say, anytime you are dealing with Jesus, be totally honest with Him.  After all no one else can hear you, and this is how we get His ear.  This woman came in the heat of the day to draw water, because she was an outcast.  The other women came to the well in the cool of the day.  In truth had she been a Jew she would have been stoned to death for her lifestyle.

Little did she know that this day her life was about to change. You can read this account for yourself in John 4.  But what I want to show you is this, a very simple thing. Don’t judge others, for what you see as bad or tainted, God sees differently.  Here was a woman married five times, and let’s be honest, she was now living out of wedlock with a man. Do you know how common that is now?  Very.  Does that make it right? No!  Because of her lifestyle she was shunned by others and made fun of in cruel ways.  Today, it might be the opposite.  The girl saving herself for marriage is usually the one taunted.

Today however, this woman would not be welcome in the sanctuary of many houses of worship.  Who do we shun and turn our backs on?  The mom whose son is a transgender?  Although her heart is torn within for her child, fellow church goers are rude to her.  She’s a.  She can’t control her adult child, she needs support, but we turn a cold shoulder and a deaf ear.  How about the preacher who gets divorced because his or her spouse left them for someone else? Are they now unworthy of their calling?

This woman was different.  She wasn’t a Christian in a bad spot, she didn’t know Christ, she wasn’t a follower.  If you ran into her at the well, or the grocery store, or coffee shop, or even work, would you shun her, or would you, like Christ, engage her in a conversation that would result in her salvation.  Here’s a spoiler alert; that drug addict, that woman with four kids by four different men, that drunkard, that woman flipping burgers without much hope for a brighter future, they ALL matter to Christ. They all can be saved and they all deserve your compassion and attention.

As we move through life, we need to realize just how much influence we have on people.  One thing I learned from my husband was this, he truly loved people and cared about them.  That was a legacy he left to my children and me.  I want that same heart of love toward those who are hurting.

My husband and I have always been transparent to our church people.  They know many of our flaws and weaknesses, because we shared them.  Somethings you don’t share, somethings are very personal, but I’ll share a little family story with you.

Growing up I had a favorite aunt.  She was a real corker.  Sweet as she could be, but she, like the woman at the well had five husbands.  She came to visit us, and during her stay we were able to introduce her to Jesus.  She fell in love, this time for real.  She was baptized while here with us and went back to the state she lived in as a new creation in Christ.  She was that woman at the well. I loved her and so did my husband. Jesus loved that woman at the well too.  I’m asking you to go before the Father and ask Him to give you a heart of love toward those with whom you come in contact.  If you will do this, God will place those before you whom you can reach.  Try it.  You’ll see.  Until next time!

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