Judges 5: 7:  Village life ceased, it ceased in Israel, until I, Deborah, arose. Arose a mother in Israel.

            Kind of sounds like us today doesn’t it? Village life ceased.  We can’t go anywhere we want as we once could.  We can’t gather in our churches as we used to. We can’t get together in our homes with others as we once did. There was war at the gates in those days. In these days we have war in our own streets. What happened to help them?  Deborah arose, arose a mother.  Simply meaning, one who truly cares about her people. But before she could arise, she had to awaken.  Let’s be honest, most of God’s people are lulling in a sleep-like trance.  We’ve had it good.  Padded pews, good sound systems, easy, mellow preaching, happy, pat each other on the back services, meanwhile our world is topsy-turvy. The church is in a trance-like sleep. In a dream state, full of lethargy and dormancy.  The opposite of which is wakefulness, energy, liveliness, activity, action, and “TAH-DAH,” last but far from least, AWAKENING! 

            Let’s be honest. Don’t you feel you need more from God?  How long has it been since you’ve felt His presence? Have you ever felt His presence? Most of you reading this love God, you are good people, but you need an awakening. I need it too.  We’ve all grown lax in our walk with God.  It’s no longer about which committee you are on, or who sings the solo, or what color the choir robes should be, it’s about winning souls for Him.  It’s what He wants.  We all need to say, “Lord, thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.” He told us it was not His will that any should perish.  Let’s face it, some of you have been in church for years and you have never given your heart to Jesus.  With that being said, how can WE help our people as Deborah did? We have to “wake up and rise up.”

            This Friday night, October 9th, at 6:30, in the New Season Assembly parking lot, next door to GHS, we are having an awakening, service. I implore you to try to come. Please bring some friends.  All you need is a lawn chair and a warm jacket.  (Gets a little chilly close to the river).  We will get a chair for you if you don’t have one to bring. (If it rains, we’ll go inside).

            The group who is traveling all over West Virginia ministering in small churches and large spaces, the same group who has seen over 496 people baptized in 43 days, the same group who ministered on the steps of the Capitol in Charleston is coming to Grafton.  They have been mandated by God to win souls all over our state and there is a mighty Awakening happening because of this. Their goal is to reach WV for Jesus and let me tell you, God is moving wherever they go because they are stepping out in obedience.

            So, what can you do Deborah?  You can join us Friday night.  Come feel the presence of God and let Him awaken us.  You don’t have to register you don’t have to do anything but show up and trust God to speak to you.  We are doing this not for New Season Assembly, but for Grafton, Taylor County and our state. Our desire is that all of us, in every church in this county would come alive to God so we can have an awakening in our area.

            In the 70’s there was an awakening and revival called the Jesus movement.  My husband and I got saved at the very end of that. We saw God move in the church we were in.  We watched many go toward God with hunger and we saw many others draw back and refuse to come to Him.  Today, forty some years later, we and many others are still serving God, and those who didn’t partake of the greatness of His love are still lost.  But, now, this very week, those folks and all of you have a chance to come to Jesus. The Rapture is very near, but no matter the timing on that, we are each one only a heartbeat away from eternity.  Where will you spend it?  Please come out and join your community.  And to all my PINK INASION ladies, we couldn’t have our conference this year, so please join us on this. You don’t even have to wear pink.  Check out my Facebook page, and the FB page for New Season for more info.  Until next time!





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