Women of a New Season: Are you up to the task?

II SAMUEL 10:12:  Be strong and let us fight bravely for our people and the cities of our God. The Lord will do what is good in his sight. 

Ladies, we need to wake up.  Not woke, but wake.  The world is spiraling out of control.  We need to pray against the things that are happening, but we also need to start concentrating on being a witness to this lost and dying world that’s all around us. Our families should be our first priority.  We must pray for them fervently, that they will come to a saving knowledge of Christ, and be protected from the society that is trying to choke our values out of our hearts and minds.

Television used to be a relaxing way to escape the rat-race for a bit and just get lost in a cute love story or try to solve a mystery. Today it’s merely a means for the powers of darkness to inundate us with their propaganda.  They lift up evil and call it good, and rage against good, calling it evil. (Isaiah 5: 20).

We have to educate ourselves on the things taking place, in order to know how to pray.  This is one way we are warriors.  When a warrior of God drops to her knees the devil trembles.  Let’s give him the shakes. Among us there are women who are prayer warriors.  This may or may not be our assigned calling, but we can all pray and intercede for those having a need, when God places them on our hearts.

Women are warriors in many other ways, and all of those ways must be clothed in prayer.  This is another great reason we need prayer warriors.

We have women who are doctors and nurses, fighting for the lives of the sick and injured, they pray for those people as they care for them. Other women have been given an open door into the political arena, to bring health and healing to those who have been slighted or wronged by policies and judgments handed down.  These women help fight the fight to save the lives of the unborn, or find homes for orphans or abandoned children.  We have women warriors in the pulpits around the world teaching the truth of the Bible.  There are also Psalmists, more commonly called singers, who sing about the glory and grace of our Lord.

How about stay at home moms, ( a.k.a., SAM’S)  They are often put down for not having a career outside the home.  Their job is tough they wear many hats, homeschool teacher, nurse, chauffeur, advisor, cook, housekeeper, laundry worker, and on and on.

Ladies, we are an awesome crew, and I realize I could not name everything women participate in to further God’s Kingdom, but I know we are doing great things. In these last days, we are being sent forth to do battle against the forces of darkness to bring others to a saving knowledge of our Savior, Jesus Christ.  Don’t shirk your newest assignment.  You may think you aren’t capable of doing anything during these times, but remember God placed you here, and now, this place, this time, to step forward with what He needs completed.  He is trusting you, and all He is asking is that you do your best.

 Invite someone to church, and offer to pick them up if they need a ride.  Men are hunters, we are gatherers. Gather some friends and when the opportune time presents itself, tell them what Jesus has done for you.  You do not have to memorize a dozen Bible verses, just love them. People want to be loved and validated.  Try it, you’ll actually enjoy yourself.  Think up creative ways to reach out to others.

You are here as daughters of the King, to love others into His marvelous light.  Until next time!


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