Women of a New Season: Are you a warrior woman?

Proverbs 31: 10:  Who can find a virtuous wife?  For her worth is far above rubies.

Do you ever feel as if your worth is far above rubies?  Many women never feel that way. A lot of women aren’t wives, nevertheless, single women are not left out of this equation.  The key word there is virtuous.  Meaning; having or showing high moral standards.

You’ve seen her, or met her, or perhaps you are her: The woman who bears the burden of raising three children as a single mom; the older woman passed over for promotion to a younger and much less qualified person; The gal who fears her hips are too wide, or her breasts too small; the lady who lives in fear or desperation, either from something currently happening in her life, or from some past nightmare. The list goes on and the examples in real life are limitless.

My husband used to be amazed at how engrossed I would become when I hit on a subject that really resonated with me.  I would spend hours reading and researching things about my subject of interest. I just hit on one and man am I excited.  While reading Proverbs 31, and learning even more about that Proverbs 31 woman, a woman I at first disliked, because who could live up to her standards?  Then she became the woman I wanted to emulate. But those cooking and sewing skills were holding me back.  

As I read once more about this virtuous woman one more time, out comes the old Hebrew Lexicon.  Virtuous means a lot more than one with high moral standards, read this list: Strong; mighty; efficient; valiant; gutsy; strong backbone and strength of character, determination, Spirit; true grit, a force or might; power, riches, virtue.  Wow.  A lot of good stuff there and gals, that’s who God says we are, even if we can’t cook or sew.

In these last days in which we are living, God needs His precious daughters to begin to preach for Him.  Not necessarily from a pulpit, but with our everyday lives.  If you are doing this you are one of these women.  Chayil.

That single mom, has true grit, she has to for the sake of her kids.  That older woman, still has what God needs to reach others. The one concerned about her looks is beautiful in God’s sight, after all, He created her.  Someone needs to hear what she has to say.  The one who lives in a battle with fear or anxiety can find deliverance in helping others.

We are God’s weapon of choice in these last days.  Our world is full of filth and lies, and we as women, as Chayil, see the truth and are capable of speaking forth that truth, we have influence. We need to begin to use it.

God is calling you to stand up and be counted.  Do not fear, step out in faith and do as He is leading and you will see your own life flourish and prosper.  Never forget, you are a Warrior Woman.  A Woman chosen by God for such a time as this.  Until next time!

Paula is available to teach on this and other subjects for your women’s group.  Please call for more info.  304-677-9220.


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