Galatians 4: 31:  So then, brethren, we are not children of the bondwoman but of the free.

       Over the course of my lifetime I’ve had several favorite movie stars. John Wayne my number one fav, and then I’d say Sean Connery. As I write this column I’ve just read about his passing. I guess I rather fancied myself a Bond Girl, lol, because I was very young when he made all those 007 movies, and I was a big fan. I realized much later that I really was a bondwoman.  Not because of my imagination and my admiration for James Bond, but because I was in bondage.

            As far as that verse goes, it is telling us as Gentiles grafted in, because we are saved, we are children not of the bondwoman but of the free.  Abraham had two sons, one of the bondwoman Hagar and one of the free woman his wife Sarah.

So, ladies, since we are not of the bondwoman, why are we living as though we are in bondage? Recently my husband and I were headed home when we spotted a young woman sitting along the highway crying.  We turned and went back to see if we could help.  Long story short, her boyfriend had beaten her up, destroyed her cellphone and threw her out. She told us she was walking to another town to stay with a friend. I asked her if the friend knew she was coming and she said she couldn’t call because she had no phone. I gave her my phone and could hear both sides of the conversation, so I knew it was a safe and legit place to go. (Please know, we also checked on law enforcement aspect of this since it occurred in another county). As we drove, she told me her story.  High school drop- out, not even a GED, former drug user, clean now and involved with the wrong type of man.  A real loser. We listened to her story, gave her some advice and prayed with her. We dropped her at her friend’s place, and I gave her my card to contact me if she needed to talk. During that ride I told her how pretty she was and offered some steps she could take to get her education and be anything she wanted to be.

These are the type of girls I’ve been working with for years. When I see the waste and destruction of these beautiful young lives, it breaks my heart. She was about the age of some of my G-Daughters, so she especially touched my heart.

            One thing I implore you is that you raise your daughters in the Lord’s house so that they may learn who they are in Christ, and that you raise your sons there, so that they may know the right way to treat God’s daughters.

            Another thing is that what my husband and I did was something any of you could have done.  It takes no special talent, it’s only a matter of caring about those who are hurting.  God will put people in front of you if you will only be open to do His bidding. One little word of caution; be very careful about making sure you are safe when you reach out. This is the first thing we learned in Chaplin’s training; assess your situation and location to assure your own safety before you proceed.

            Find your niche and step out in that field and watch the doors swing open.  And when you look in the mirror, see yourself as a Bond Girl, not a bondwoman.  Until next time!


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