Women of a New Season: A man of honor

Isaiah 32: 8:  An honorable man makes honorable plans; his honorable character gives him security.

You ladies may not believe this, but a lot of men read this column.  Some to be snarky, but most either out of curiosity or just simply the love of all things relating to the Lord. So, with that in mind, today I dedicate this column to the men all around us.

If I were to ask ladies what they admire most in men, I would hear things like, honesty, trustworthiness, faithfulness, good sense of humor, a love of God and country, etc.  Few ladies list  things like a great physique or handsome face over the things I’ve just mentioned.  Nothing is more handsome than a man who loves God and lives with integrity.

Joseph, starting in Genesis Chapter 37 is one of my favorite Bible men.  He stuck with his core values and integrity, even when it earned him a prison sentence.  As a kid he shot his mouth off a little prematurely to his brothers about a dream he’d had concerning them.  They were already jealous of him because his dad favored him a lot.  (The gift of the coat of many colors was one tip-off).  They plotted to kill him and thereby destroy his dreams, but opted instead to put him in a pit and sell him off to strangers passing through on a caravan.

After that sad adventure, he went to work for a big shot in the government, whose wife thought Joseph was pretty cute, so she made a play for him.  When he rejected her, she called for help accusing him falsely of attacking her, landing him in prison. He went from the pit to the prison.  His next adventure through a long time of waiting, actually landed him in the palace as Pharoah’s right -hand man.  (Read the account for yourself to learn more of this truly intriguing story). 

Joseph learned to roll with the punches as they say, and it paid off.  He held to his integrity throughout all of these plots and mishaps, which took him from the pit, to the prison and ultimately to the palace.

TV commercials, gender shifting and many other things are trying to rob our men of their masculinity.  Let’s don’t let that happen.  Ladies, love your dad, your brothers and husbands and sons.  Pray for them. They want to do good, be good and please you.  Help them succeed.  For example, a guy raised by a single mom may need a little help in the area of being a dad, or even a husband.  Gentle and kind words go a long way in helping.  Encourage him in his dreams.  Many times he may have a secret desire for something, say a particular job for instance, but he may lack the confidence to go for it.  Use your influence to help him toward this goal. Brag on him when he does well, and don’t be a harsh critic when he fails.  We fail too you know?  And we need help from him at times.  Tell him that.  Men want to be needed and they want to know they are succeeding in helping us.

God created us as partners.  Eve was a helpmate to Adam.  That means she was a capable partner, it comes from a Hebrew word, Ezer.  Helper, one who comforts, partners, it also means like a fellow warrior.  We are to fight alongside our man in life, we are to comfort, succor and be there.

Our churches today need men.  Men who will stand up and take their place for God in leading their families, standing for truth and righteousness, even against adverse conditions and odds.

Men, I take my hat off to you.  Thank you for working for your families, thank you for serving your country and guiding your children and loving your wives.  Thank you!  Until next time!


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