Women of a New Season “A life of peace”

I Corinthians 14: 33:  For God is not the author of confusion but of peace, as in all the churches of the saints.

Did you ever have a really hectic schedule and as a result your car was full of fast-food cups and wrappers or your house was a mess? Laundry piled up, dishes in the sink that didn’t even make it to the dishwasher? On top of that you tried on three different outfits for the meeting at work and left them helter-skelter on the unmade bed.  You didn’t have time to sort the mail all week and it’s in two stacks that have fallen over on the kitchen island. You get the picture. And your mess seemed to have spread like a virus to other family members.  Wet towels on the floor of the kid’s bathroom and your hubby’s dirty socks in a corner in the study.  Yep, chaos will reign supreme in that environment.  So, now it’s Friday and you want to sit and enjoy your favorite tv show, or read a book, or try to pray and read your Bible, guess what?  It’s all but impossible to concentrate.  Even when hubby snuggles up for some sweet pillow talk your mind is zinging back and forth like a BB in a boxcar. Your life feels confused and chaotic.  All because of a lack of order. 

When Saturday comes and the house is once more, neat and tidy and smelling clean, you feel such peace that it’s exhilarating. God’s universe is orderly.

When your spiritual life is out of order your whole world seems off kilter. You’ll have arguments with your spouse that shouldn’t have happened.  You’ll yell at your kids. You’ll mess up at work, get snippy on a phone call to your cousin or sass your parents.

How do we keep our spiritual lives in order?  Sort of like cleaning your house.  Make sure all stuff that is gross is cleaned up.  Keep short accounts with God.  If you sin, don’t wait till church Sunday to ask forgiveness, do it right then.  Attend church faithfully.  Read your Bible on a regular basis and talk to God every day.  When you do this, God Himself will help you stay on track.

That same delightful feeling you get over a clean and orderly house will invade your life when your spiritual house, you, your spiritual inner man, is in order. You and your hubby will be cozy on the sofa eating popcorn watching your favorite show.  The kids arguing won’t upset you, (as much), and peace will reign supreme in your life.

God keeps His creation in order, but out of love and great wisdom, He has enabled us to keep our own house in order.  The benefits are well worth the effort.  Until next time!

You may contact Paula at 304-677-9220, or join us at New Season to find out about this great God of order.  God bless!


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