Woman of the Most High God “Without the power of God, we will not overcome,”

People keep saying things are going to get better, but I don’t believe that. Only in trusting in Jesus and keeping our mind and eyes upon him will it get better. The virus keeps getting worse. Prices of food, gas and utilities keep going up, not down. 

If you don’t have Christ in your life, it’s only going get harder for you to exist. Rumors of war are on every hand. Hatred and jealousy increase on every hand. Jesus told his disciples tarry until you be endued with the power of the Holy Ghost.

As Christian people, we have to be wise to the devil’s devices. He wants to destroy the body of Christ. He is trying to tear down the principles of the church. He doesn’t want the church to see the moving of the Holy Spirit in these last days. 

That’s why we must pray more today than ever before. We need to study more sincere prayer and study the Bible. We must even have to have a time of prayer and fasting. Jesus told his disciples some things come not but by fasting and prayer. We are not to be defeated.

The Bible tells us that we are more than conquerors through Jesus Christ who strengthens us. If God be for us, who can be against us? We are the head and not the tail. Jesus doesn’t want you to walk in defeat. He wants you to be victorious.

God will never let you down. He is a God that will bring you through every valley. He’s God on the mountain. He’s still God in the valley. He will bring you through no matter what comes your way.

It’s not by night, it’s not by power but by the Spirit of God. Things aren’t going to get better. This virus is a real thing. It’s not a joke. People are dying every day, even in Taylor County. People are being hospitalized in the Intensive Care Unit, and hospitals are full of the virus. Some places masks are back to being worn in grocery stores, doctor’s offices, places of employment.

Yes, God is our protector, but he also expects us to use common sense. Talk to someone who has been through it. They don’t think it’s something that is nothing. Some have even died with the virus, and I don’t think it is going to go away anytime soon. 

We must put our complete trust in Jesus. He is our shield. He is our high tower and our secret hiding place. We need to be filled with the Holy Ghost. His power as in Acts 2. You can do nothing on your own. Your power won’t give you the victory. It’s not about you, it’s about the Holy Spirit and his power working through you.

Have you been baptized in the Holy Spirit? If you want to overcome the wiles of the devil, you must put on the whole armor of God and be baptized with the power as in Acts 2 in the day of Pentecost.

Yours in Christ Jesus,

Rev. Teresa Reid


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