Woman of the Most High God “When will revival come?,”

People always talk about wanting revival, but there needs to be several things happen before the church sees revival. First, the church must submit themselves to God. Secondly, we must allow Jesus to make changes in our lives. We must seek his face and die out to the things of this world.

Revival is not just a series of church services. It’s having a change in the way we walk and talk and the way we live. We must pray for revival. Yes, we need to get back to a time of prayer and fasting. The church needs to be in a place that God can use them when people come in for deliverance, salvation. We must let the Holy Ghost fill us with the power of the Holy Spirit. 

People say they want revival, but what happens to those that have come and received Jesus Christ as their Savior? Where do they go? Do we continue to instruct them in the ways of the Lord, praying for them and with them?

There has to be a follow up of these souls. You don’t send a baby out on his own. He needs your help. What are you doing after your revival has ended? 

Yes, we need revival, and I truly want revival in our churches, but it is going to take much praying and supplication before the Lord. We must allow him to clear us up so the Holy Spirit can move through us. Casting out devils isn’t easy. It takes much fasting and praying. Jesus told his disciples some things not by fasting and praying. 

If you really want revival, you must first count the cost. You must get out of your comfort zone. Your time will be spent seeking God and asking him to send a revival and start the work in you. Secondly, if God does send revival, will you be faithful each night to allow God to use you in these services? 

Christians have a hard time attending Sunday morning service and they don’t come on Sunday night. If we are going to have revival these things must change. We must be found faithful in the house of God. 

Are you really hungry for revival? Then let’s act like it. Spend time in prayer, fasting, reading and studying the word of God like we never have before. Souls are dying and going to hell. What are we as a church going to do about it? People need to deliverance. What are we going to do? Souls need saved. Do we really have a burden for the lost? Or are we just concerned about ourselves?

The bible tells us where there is no vision, people perish there. Preachers cannot bring revival. God’s got to send it. People who have revival, is the spirit of revival still there? Are souls being saved? Are you training them in the ways of the Lord?

Revival only comes from God, not men or church services. We must seek him with our whole heart. Do you really want revival? We must seek it. Are we really ready to pay the cost to see a revival in church and in our land? I’m praying for revival, are you?

Yours in Christ Jesus,

Rev. Teresa Reid


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