Woman of the Most High God “What is the will of God?,”

What does God require of us? First of all is love the Lord thy God with all of your mind and soul, and to love the Lord thy God with all of your heart. And, love thy neighbor as thyself. How do we know the will of God? By studying the word of God and speaking his face. The bible is our road map. It tells us how we are supposed to live. People today want to do their own will and not God’s will. That is why our country is in the shape it is in. And it just won’t work.

You aren’t your own. You have been bought with a price. The precious blood of Jesus is that price. There is a price to pay if we just do what we want to do. The bible plainly tells us that there is a heave to gain and a hell to shame. People lice like they are going to live forever, but one day this life will be over and either we will spend eternity in heaven or hell.

The choice is ours. We are to do the will of the Father, and if we do, we will live forever with him in heaven. Some people don’t believe in hell. They think the grave is hell. They seem to think they will go to sleep and that’s it. But, this is not true. Hell will be an awful place. There will be no peace there. There will be nothing but heartache and pain for all eternity. You don’t want to go there. You want to choose heaven; it is peaceful there. No more pain or sorrow.

Preachers want to preach about Heaven, but when is the last time you heard a sermon on hell? I’m warning you today. You think that you have problems now, hell is a whole lot worse than anything you have been through. You can call on Jesus today and ask him into your heart, and you won’t have to find out what hell is really like. I beg of you, don’t wait too late to pray. Confess your sins to Jesus, and he will cleanse you by his blood an make you clean. Please call upon him today. You won’t be sorry. Come today, tomorrow might now come.

Yours in Christ Jesus,

Teresa Reid


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