Woman of the Most High God: What is it going to take for the church to wake up?

The church has certainly been asleep. Attendance has dropped way down. It’s time for the church to get back to God’s house. 

A lot of people haven’t been back since COVID hit us. People living in fear, but we can still go on vacation, cruises, and they don’t seem to be afraid to go to these places. But what hat about God’s business? Preachers can go on vacation but are still not having services in the church, only on the Internet. What’s wrong with this picture?

People are still dying and going to hell without Jesus. The church needs to get back on fire for Jesus. The scripture tells us that he would rather we be colder hot, because if we are lukewarm, he will spit us out. 

We just celebrated Pentecost Sunday. We need a fresh Pentecost in our lives. Many were added to the church after they had the Pentecost experience. The church has been asleep for so long, it’s time to awake out of sleep. 

It must first start with the pastors. You’re supposed to be the shepherd of the flock that God has put you in charge of. Are you scattering the sheep? Woe unto them that scatter the sheep. Jesus has made you a watchman over them. You have been given a great responsibility. Pick up your sword and go forth in the power of the Holy Ghost.

We don’t have much time left before Jesus comes back to take his bride away. The Bible tells us that where there is no vision, people perish. Look around you. We can’t save them, but we must tell them of Jesus and warn them about the place called hell.

I’m sounding the alarm today. We have a job to do. Winning souls for Jesus. We must work for the night will be no more.

Pastors, walk in your calling as God has chosen you to do. Church, pray for your pastor, and do what God has called you to do. We are all abled body ministers. It’s not only up to the pastors. It’s up to all of you too work in the harvest field. 

Let’s do and be what God has called us to be. Jesus is coming back soon.

Yours in Christ Jesus, 

Rev. Teresa Reid


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