Woman of the Most High God “What has happened to our country?"

There is no respect anymore. It seems we have lost our respect for our police officers, fire department, for our pastors, there seems to be no reconciliation of their positions. They are here to protect us and keep us safe. People show them no respect for what they stand for.

It not only shows in adults but in children. Children don’t respect their parents, and they show no respect for the elderly. We are to honor our fathers and our mothers. We are to see to the elderly. We are to love one another.

That’s why our country is like it is. We are to give honor to whom honor is due. We call our pastors by their first name. I was taught that that was disrespectful. We are called by our first named. We call the president by his first name. 

We need to start respecting these positions. They carry a great load for you. What would you do without police officers, ambulance workers, fire departments? And your pastors and ministers? They care about your souls. I don’t want to see anybody going to hell.

It is a pastor’s job to lead the lost to Jesus and show them the road that leads to heaven. We need to show respect for the title and position they hold. God has put them and me in that position. We must be thankful to these people who serve us. Without them, we would be in pretty bad shape.

I thank God for the people who fill these positions. And today, I say a great big thank you. Your labor is not in vain. Thank you for your service to your community. 

God is not the man upstairs. He is the savior of our souls. He’s our healer, our protector. A shelter in the time of storm. He’s our soon coming king. We need to respect who he is.

Let these men and women know that you appreciate the service they perform. That you don’t take it for granted. Don’t take your pastor for granted. It’s a hard job. Only God can help us do his will and to lead others to Christ. Let them know you appreciate them and what they do for the church body.

I appreciate my Pastor James Johnson and Associate Pastor Bobby Stone. A precious thank you for your service to New Testament Fellowship Church.

Yours in Christ Jesus,

Rev. Teresa Reid


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