Woman of the Most High God “What does God expect of you?"

Everyone has a purpose in life. We were born to serve the Lord. We are to love one another as Christ loved us. We are to tell others about Jesus and his love for us. There are so many people that are hurting, and no one seems to want to help them. People are hungry, homeless and their life is a very unhappy life. I am to love the Lord thy God with all of my heart. We are also to love our neighbor as ourselves, even though they don’t always treat us good, the way we think they ought to.
The Bible tells us to do unto others as we want them to do unto us. Life is worth the living, especially if Jesus is your savior. My life has been changed since Jesus came into my heart. My purpose in life is to be Jesus’s hand, reaching out to the lost and the oppressed. Life isn’t always easy, but with Jesus we have victory.
Jesus gave his all for me, so the least I can do is to preach his word. Love as Jesus did, and have compassion for others that are hurting. What do you have to offer him? All he asked of you is to give him your heart and live for him each day.
Give him your gifts. Can you sing or play an instrument? Or are you a prayer warrior? You can use those gifts for the glory of God. You can be a witness to your neighbors, your family and those you work with. You will find you are happier and feel better about yourself if Jesus is number one in your life. You are somebody special. Everyone has a purpose in life. What will your life have been when time shall be no more? I want my family to be able to say that I had a real purpose in life, serving my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. My life is worth living because Christ lives.
Yours in Christ Jesus,
Teresa Reid


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