Woman of the Most High God “We are to give thanks because he is good!"

People have forgotten how to be thankful. We take Jesus for granted too many times. We cannot do anything without him. He is worthy of our praise. 

He created us in his own image. He provides for us each day. He gives us food, home to live in, clothes to wear, shoes on our feet. He blesses us with health call mom jobs and family. All we have comes from Jesus. We cannot do anything on our own. 

God blesses us because he loves us. We live in a country where people are so unthankful. Children don’t appreciate what parents do for them. People have forgotten how good God has been to them. It’s all about me, not God. Everything we have comes from God, even our breath we breathe every day.

Do you stop and thank God for your food every day, it’s only because of him that when you sit down at the table there’s food on it. Do you stop and thank him for healthy children and grandchildren? What about your husband or your wife? 

Some people think people overthink something. Look at your car cars God provided them for you. Do you stop and say thank you Lord for your blessings on me?

I thank God for my brothers and sisters every day. I thank him for my home. My nieces and nephews. For my pastor, my church family, even my little dog, Smokie. These things are precious to me. I love each one of them, and I pray for them each day.

I know where my help comes from. It comes from God who is over it all. But he blesses me each day and provides my every need. We are to be content with what we have. But some people aren’t anymore. They only want more and more. 

I’m satisfied with my apartment; it will do till I move into my mansion. I thank God for his Amazing Grace and his love and mercy towards me. This Thanksgiving, stop and count your many blessings more than one by one, and you will see what God has done. Learn to say thank you more often and mean it from your heart. O give thanks unto the Lord, for he is good. 

Yours in Christ Jesus, 

Rev. Teresa Reid


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