Woman of the Most High God “This world is not my home, I’m just passing through”

I’m so glad this world is not my home. It is full of nothing by trials and troubles on every hand, and it is not going to get better any time soon. The virus may be here for a while. Can you endure through this much longer?

There is so much fear in the lives of people, even in the church. I’m ready for a change. We must fall on our knees before God and talk to him about these matters. Candidates and citizens are fighting relentlessly and the election coming up in a few months. There is so much divide and fighting between the parties. Each party thinks they are the right one for the job. But are either one of them someone we want to run our country? Our country is in a mess. We have never seen such a time as this. Rumors of war on every hand. The economy is falling apart. School systems have changed. Some kids go to school and others stay home. Businesses are closing down and people are losing their jobs.

I’m longing for that city whose maker and builder is God himself. There are no problems there. When people say peace, peace then cometh sudden destruction. Who can you turn to in these times? This world is not the end. There is a Heaven to gain and a hell to shun.

Heaven is what I am longing for. There, there will be no more pain, and no tears. There will be peace forever more. But in hell, it is a place of nothing but torment for all eternity.

Haven’t you had enough of this world? People are living in fear every day. With Jesus, you don’t have to be afraid. Jesus will take care of you.

You may ask how can I make it to heaven, my home? Just ask Jesus into your heart. Confess that you are a sinner. He will forgive all of your sins, no matter what you have done. No matter where you’ve been, Jesus will forgive you and will come into your heart. Then, read your bible everyday. Pray everyday. Find a bible believing church that preaches that Jesus Christ was crucified, risen and coming again. Walk in his ways and you can have a home in heaven.

Only the blood washed can go to heaven. No, I’m not perfect, just forgiven. Nothing good have I done to deserve a home in heaven. It’s because of a man called Jesus. He paid it all. Heaven will surely be worth it all. Where Jesus is will be heaven for me. What about you? No, everyone that says Lord, Lord shall enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. Only the pure in heart shall see God.

Yours in Christ Jesus,

Teresa Reid


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