Woman of the Most High God: Prodigal son or daughter, it is time to come home

Jesus is married to the back slider. He wants you to come back home. He loves you, and you need him more today than you ever have. He will take you back. He’s not willing that any perish but have everlasting life. 

It doesn’t matter what people think or say. If they are saved, they will also welcome you back to the fold. You know you aren’t happy. Your family is falling apart. You can’t do anything with your children, and they don’t hear what you have to say to them. It not only affects you but also your children.

Your family is praying you can come back to Jesus before it’s too late. You know the story. Jesus welcomed him back with a robe, a ring and a big party. Jesus is offering that to you today. Will you accept it?

Once you have tasted the glory of God you will always have that longing in your soul. You remember how you felt when you came out of the wilderness. You were made free. You had joy and peace and you allowed God to use you in the service you attended.

You think people don’t miss you and have forgotten about you. Well, that’s a life from the pit of hell. We care about you, and I pray for you every day that God will bring you back to him before it’s too late. Jesus will never turn you away. Come home. Start the new year off right with Jesus.

You have a calling on your life. Your calling is without repentance. People are praying for you. We are concerned about where you will spend eternity. People have hurt you. Jesus wants to heal those hurts. What about your children? How’s life for them?

Jesus is calling for you to come home, just as you are. Jesus’s blood was shed for you. You have no friend like Jesus. We have a burden for you. God still wants to use you in ministry, but you must come home to Jesus. He’s waiting for your call.

Yours in Christ Jesus,

Rev. Teresa Reid


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