Woman of the Most High God: Only God can bring down the strongholds

We are bound by so many things today. Worry and fear has bound us so much. We find ourselves not knowing what the answer is and what direction we are to go. We have fear of what tomorrow might bring.

Again, Jesus is the only answer. He is our only hope. We must be filled with the Holy Ghost and filled with the power of the Holy Ghost to overcome the attacks of the devil. Whatever they might be. Only Jesus can bring down the strongholds of your life.

Depression has overtaken people’s bodies. Inflation has put fear in the lives of people. Victory is ours. Peace is ours. Joy is ours. But it is found only in Jesus.

Jesus tells us that things can get better by fasting and prayer. We must hide ourselves in Jesus. We have been robbed of God’s blessings. You can’t bring the strongholds in your life. Only God can. God’s ways are not our ways. They are so much higher than ours.

We are to give all of these strongholds to Jesus. No matter that it is. God is able to bring them down. Jesus tells us whom the Son has set free is free indeed.

We don’t have to be bound by chains. We have been set free in Jesus. He is truly a chain breaker. Jesus gives us liberty in him. We no longer have to be bound. He set you free. We are free indeed.

Strongholds must come down. Jesus paid the price on Calvary. No more chains are holding me. Praise the Lord for that! Why should I be bound when Jesus sets us free? He gives me peace like a river and joy like the ocean.

Yours in Christ Jesus,

Rev. Teresa Reid


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