Woman of the Most High God “Jesus paid it all just for you and me,”

Jesus went through an awful death for you and me. He had no sin of his own. He loved you and me so much he was beaten and mocked. A crown of thorns was placed on his head. His side was riven. Nails were placed in his hands and his feet. Even Peter and the disciples could not stay awake for one hour while Jesus was praying in the garden.

You know why I find this so amazing? He came willingly. He knew what he was going to go through. He even prayed in the garden, “not my will, but thine be done.” He loved us so much he gave his life for us. He took all of my sins so I could be free. My sins are in the sea of God’s forgetfulness, not to be remembered anymore.

Praise the Lord, I’ve been washed in his precious blood and by his stripe I am healed! And on the cross, he said, “Father forgive them because they know not what they do.” Can you imagine that? What an amazing love. Who am I that a King would bleed and die for? Whom am I that he would pray, “Father forgive them”?

What an awful price he paid. He didn’t have to do it, but he did! No greater love will a man lay down his life for a friend. But as he promised that he would rise again on the third day, and my fried, he did. He is risen! Praise the Lord, he is risen!

But in this message, I want you to focus on the price he paid for you, and that he has gone away to prepare us a mansion. On Good Friday, that was a terrible day for our Lord. But for us, a glorious day! He loved us so much. If he hadn’t died, there would be no way we could go to heaven.

Have you accepted him as your lord and savior? Do it today. No one will ever love you like Jesus did.

In my next sermon we will talk about that Blessed Resurrection Day. The day we celebrate as Easter. It’s not about the Easter Bunny, Easter eggs or a new outfit. I hope you will join me again next Wednesday.

We can say he’s alive again. He’s no longer in the grave. He is risen, praise the Lord! Until next Wednesday, think about the price Jesus paid for you and what you are doing to do about it.

Yours in Christ Jesus,

Teresa Reid


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