Woman of the Most High God: Jesus is no longer in the grave; He’s alive

As we recently celebrated the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus, we know he paid the price for our healing and our salvation. He loves us so much, he died on Calvary for us. He died to give us eternal life.

He wants us to walk in healing. By his stripe, we are healed. He shed his precious blood so that we could be saved. What manner of love was this that he laid down his life for a friend? If we are Christians today, Jesus is our true friend. The song writer says, “What a friend we have in Jesus.” Jesus sticketh closer than a brother. Because Jesus lives, we can face tomorrow. He will never leave nor forsake you.

Do you know the Risen Savior as your friend? Have you accepted him into your heart? Easter was not just a holiday. Good Friday wasn’t just another day of the week. Jesus told his disciples that he would die but on the third day, he would rise again. And he did that very thing. Without the resurrection, we would still be lost, but Jesus conquered death, hell and the grave.

But today, my Jesus is alive. He is still in control. He is very much alive in my life today. I can’t walk without him holding my hand. I need him every day.

The blood that was shed on Mount Calvary will never lose its power. It can and will make the vilest sinner clean. My sins are gone. They’re underneath the blood of Jesus Christ, not to be remembered against me anymore.

Today, have you been washed in that precious blood? Have your sins been forgiven? I’m a new creature in Christ Jesus. The old person is no longer alive. Since his death and resurrection on the gross, God is not dead. He is very much alive. There’s no other way to go to Heaven, only through the blood of Jesus Christ.

Come to him today. He’s coming back real soon. Watch and wait for his soon return. I’m watching and waiting. I’m listening for my name and listening for the sound of the trumpet. Don’t be left behind!!

Yours in Christ Jesus,

Rev. Teresa Reid


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